No-Tox Cleaning [Postponed]


Don't know where to start with de-toxifying your home of chemical-laden, plastic-ridden cleaning products in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry? Join this workshop, with Kirsty from Parva: Little Things, to learn how to swap out the bad and ugly for the fresh, clean and good.

Kirsty has been no-tox cleaning her homes for over 15 years with great success, with a handful of homemade products that have many uses. We will discuss using Australian essential oils to aid in your new no-tox regime, keeping things smelling fresh as a daisy without the toxic fragrances.

You will make a bunch of multi purpose products with a handful of multi purpose ingredients probably already residing in your kitchen pantry that will reduce not only the toxic load in your house, on your body and the waterways but will keep money in your pocket as you cruise by the laundry and cleaning aisle at the supermarket, thankful you don't need to venture down there again!

We will discuss easy hygiene swaps and make a few bathroom products using ingredients from your kitchen pantry. Your digital booklet will have a large variety of simple swaps and DIY recipes for all cleaning requirements and Kirsty will run through the best bulk buy options for some things that even she has no time to make from scratch.

Making: All purpose Citrus peel spray cleaner All purpose sink/tub/toilet scrub All purpose Essential oil germ killing blend

+ demos of easy swaps for kitchen, bathroom and laundry + digital booklet of recipes and tips and tricks

Tutor: Kirsty Mootz

Kirsty Mootz is the maker behind Parva Beeswax'd Food Wraps. She started making and selling wraps made from local beeswax and up cycled cottons alongside her organic skincare in June 2015. Kirsty is very passionate about reducing the impact human beings have on the Earth and believes in sharing what she has learned through teaching workshops