Trekking the Himalayas

Mountains are awe-inspiring and put everything in perspective. So if you’re needing a circuit-breaker from daily life, wanting to celebrate a milestone or seeking a new challenge then come and discover what a trek in the Himalayas can do for you.

Trekking is more than just the trek itself. The adventure starts from the very first spark of an idea, to the physical and mental preparation, the experience on the trek and then the reflection afterwards. It’s an opportunity for a life-changing experience.

This workshop will provide insight into the world of trekking based on our years of experience in the Himalayas. The workshop will involve:

• exploring some of the spectacular places you can visit

• discovering why people trek and the benefits

• learning what’s involved and how to get the most out of your adventure from beginning to end

• interactive discussion and the chance to share experiences with like-minded people

What you’ll get from this workshop:

• you’ll be challenged, dared and inspired and encouraged to go on your next adventure – go outside your comfort zone, try something different, see what you’re capable of, get fresh perspectives

• knowledge and insight into the world of high altitude Himalayan trekking

• ideas and actions to take away

• meet like-minded adventurers in life

• our free Yak Pack – guidebook on how to prepare for your next trek

This workshop is suitable for anyone of any age who is interested in trekking the Himalayas, whether you’re new to trekking or seeking ideas for your next trek.

Tutor: Emma Huffam & Trevor Builder

Emma and Trevor are avid adventurers and founders of Cut Lunch Adventures based in Sydney. When not at home we’re often found on a trekking adventure somewhere in the Himalayas, New Zealand or Australia. We inspire life-changing adventures with altitude and attitude! We believe adventures allow you to grow and the mountains always have something to teach you, which is why we set up Cut Lunch Adventures – a website to inspire, motivate and encourage people on their own adventures in life – with a focus on mountain trekking, often at high altitude. We’ve both grown up with a sense of adventure and have travelled extensively for work and pleasure. Coming from backgrounds in the corporate world in technology and sales we have combined many aspects from our professional experience with our passion for trekking and the mountains. We have completed over 30 treks in places as diverse as Patagonia and the Canadian wilderness plus many more in the Himalayas, New Zealand and Australia. We have helped over 60 people from 6 different countries of all different age groups to get the most out of their adventures. We’ve also been guest speakers on high altitude trekking for groups travelling to the Himalayas.