Community Talk: Positive Discipline

Enjoy this interactive parenting presentation designed to create a respectful and loving relationship with your child.

In this workshop three activities will be introduced for parents to practice; positive discipline is about getting into the shoes of your child.

This workshop is run by Freddie and Prue Liger of Positive Discipline Sydney.

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Presenter: Freddie Liger

Freddie Liger - Having attended a parenting course some 20 years ago, Freddie & Prue were inspired to become parent educators themselves. They now share a passion for Positive Discipline and want to help spread its core message, that parents can have a loving and respectful relationship with their children, without resorting to punishment or rewards. In addition, Freddie is a relationship counsellor and Prue is a preschool Montessori teacher. They have four children. To contact Freddie please go to: