Mahjong : Beginners Level 1

Sharpen your mind playing this time-honoured game of strategy. 

"With my years of teaching Mahjong experience, I guarantee you will learn to play the game. Once you have acquired the skill, you will enjoy and play the game for many many years to come."

Learn the rules and expand the hand you play (Eastern style taught). Bring wine & nibbles. Mahjong sets and notes available. 

Beginners learn rules and strategies. Social players need two terms experience or equivalent. 

*Please note if you are a first time beginner, please enrol in Beginners Level 1. If you have already completed a term of Mahjong with us, please enrol in Beginners Level 2.

Mahjong is the quintessence to the Chinese, as cricket to the British.

Mahjong is a game of strategy, probability and luck.

Mahjong is an ancient game, which originated in China some 2000 years ago and is still a favourite pastime today. 

The game was initially played by the elite in the palaces. The game was then introduced Britain, USA and Asia in 1900s.

You will learn the history, the name, the material, the set, the three different suits, the honours suit, the game of Pongs and Chows, the Hands, and the scoring.

You will learn both Eastern and Western Hands. 

After the beginners class, you may join our Social class.

*** This class will be taught in a COVID-safe manner in 2021. Total players will be restricted to 12 people in the room (beginners and social players). 
Games will involve up to a maximum of 3 players, with social distancing between players at all times. Players will also wear masks and cotton gloves during play, to help mitigate any risk of COVID-19 transmission between players. Players will also be required to assist the tutor with a quick disinfectant clean of the room and equipment used during the evening.

Please note the following: 
There is a risk that long periods of time spent in a room with other people may increase the potential for COVID transmission between individuals. Maintaining social distancing, frequent hand washing and good hygiene practices, including avoiding touching your face are identified by NSW Health as the best ways to mitigate the risk of transmission. NSCC provides infrastructure for social distancing and sanitisation. NSCC and the class tutor have introduced further measures to help mitigate the risks, including that players wear masks and gloves at all times during the class.The success of these measures depends on individuals complying with NSW health recommendations. There is no 100% guarantee against transmission if a participant did attend classes with COVID. Please be aware of these risks and consider your safety when choosing to sign up for this class.

Do not attend classes if you are feeling unwell or have potentially been exposed to COVID-19.

Tutor: Ron Yap

Ron Yap has been teaching Mahjong to beginners and advanced students for more than 10 years, both Western and Eastern style. Ron also teaches Mandarin, Cantonese & HSC Mathematics and holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. As well as teaching Mahjong, Mahjong is a game that can enhance your memory in a sociable setting. Ron is a qualified mechanical engineer educated in Western Australia and migrated from Malaysia with his family to Sydney in 2000. Ron loves hosting the annual Mahjong Tournament at the NSCC every year on Open Day and takes delight in presenting the winner’s trophy, as it exemplifies the fun and laughter every week in his Mahjong classes. Ron loves sharing the traditions and the technical skills of Mahjong and looks forward to meeting you soon.