Emotion Coaching for Parents

Emotion coaching uses a five-step method for building emotional intelligence in children of all ages. Research suggests that even more than regular IQ, emotional awareness and the ability to manage feelings productively determines success and happiness throughout life. 

Not only can emotion coaching set your child up for a successful, fulfilling life, it can help solve behaviour challenges you’re experiencing in the here and now. 

By learning the best ways to respond to your child’s feelings of anger, sadness or fear, children begin to learn to manage their emotions and no longer need to use behaviour to let us know how they’re feeling. Emotion coaching also offers an excellent opportunity for problem solving and setting clear, consistent behavioural limits. 

Kids whose parents use emotion coaching tend to: 

•Have higher self-esteem

•Manage their emotions 

•Be able to control their behaviour

•Form healthy friendships

•Know how to solve their problems

During this workshop, I’ll walk you through the steps of emotion coaching, so you can help your child name and understand their big feelings, as well as encourage them to explore the best steps to take next. PLUS, use my connection scripts and sentence-starters so you don't get stuck for words!

Learn how to confidently set limits and equip your child with life-long skills to manage their feelings productively. This is the ultimate way to ensure your interactions with your child improve behaviour AND provide life-long lessons. 

During this two-hour workshop you’ll discover:

·What emotional intelligence is and why it’s important

·The five key steps of emotion coaching

·How to recognise & validate your child’s feelings

·How to express understanding and empathy (that gets your child talking!)

·How to set limits and problem solve with your child

Walk away from this workshop with a firm grasp of the emotion coaching steps and a plan to get started with supporting your child’s emotional intelligence right away. 

Presenter: Karina Lane

Karina is a parenting coach, educator, psychology graduate and mum of four. She is also a featured parenting expert at Babyology, where she helps parents with kid-wrangling and sleep. As a busy mum, Karina knows how tough raising kids can be. But among all the chaos, overwhelm and noise of family life, she knows the secrets to raising happy, healthy kids – and weathering all manner of parenting storms along the way. She works with parents to help them figure out what’s going on behind their child’s behaviour and get their relationship back on track. Along the way, parents rediscover their instincts, boost their confidence and enhance their relationship with their child. Karina is an advocate for helping parents to raise emotionally healthy children and enhance their special relationship along the way. She is passionate about normalising feelings and giving children their voice to express their emotions, no matter how old the child. Karina is committed to informing parents of how much easier life can be when we tune out society’s noise and tune into our child and parenting instincts.  She loves to support parents with her passionate yet realistic attitude to raising kids that, while being based on sound research findings, is also cemented by her real-life experience.