Stress-Free & Calm Parenting

  • All participants who enrol must be fully (double) vaccinated by the class start date to be able to join classes on site (as per public health orders): 

2021 has been a tough year for parents. Lockdowns, home schooling, holiday restrictions…family life has never been more challenging. And your sanity has never been more S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D, right? Like many other parents, you might be feeling burnt out and string out, which of course makes calm parenting a very hard thing to do.

While Mary Poppins would be great right now, we can still get you out of this parenting rut and give you back your confidence, vitality and family harmony – just like magic. In this class, you’ll discover 6 ways to be a calmer, more content parent. 

If you’re:

  • Sick of feeling guilty for losing your temper and shouting
  • Struggling to control your anger when you’re pushed to your limits
  • Feel out of your depth when it comes to Big behaviour and Wild emotions
  • Feel like you’ve tried everything to stay in control, but nothing’s worked,

Then this class will change your parenting world. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The quickest, most effective way to remove parenting stress – and the question you have to ask yourself before anything changes
  • How to dramatically reduce behavioural challenges and meltdowns (and why time out will never have the same effect)
  • How to get your child to listen and co-operate without the battles and crazy-making back-chat
  • The underrate but powerful technique for supporting all those big feelings in your child (without getting stuck or overwhelmed yourself)
  • How to make your changes stick – so you can enjoy long-term calm and confidence and get your family back on track for GOOD.

Use this class to formulate your own Calm Parenting plan so you can walk away with action steps to implement right away. Discover the easier, proven techniques for bringing calm and harmony back to your household.

Head towards the end of 2021 feeling refreshed, resilient and in control.


“You can see that Karina is genuine and has such passion to support parents who are struggling with their children’s behaviour - and their own. I’m already seeing positive changes.” Rebecca

 “Karina’s expertise of the topic, delivery of information and understanding of the difficulties we have in motherhood are all excellent. She is very approachable and made me feel comfortable sharing information with her you. I felt listened too and supported.” Deb

Presenter: Karina Lane

Karina is a parenting coach, educator, psychology graduate and mum of four. She is also a featured parenting expert at Babyology, where she helps parents with kid-wrangling and sleep. As a busy mum, Karina knows how tough raising kids can be. But among all the chaos, overwhelm and noise of family life, she knows the secrets to raising happy, healthy kids – and weathering all manner of parenting storms along the way. She works with parents to help them figure out what’s going on behind their child’s behaviour and get their relationship back on track. Along the way, parents rediscover their instincts, boost their confidence and enhance their relationship with their child. Karina is an advocate for helping parents to raise emotionally healthy children and enhance their special relationship along the way. She is passionate about normalising feelings and giving children their voice to express their emotions, no matter how old the child. Karina is committed to informing parents of how much easier life can be when we tune out society’s noise and tune into our child and parenting instincts.  She loves to support parents with her passionate yet realistic attitude to raising kids that, while being based on sound research findings, is also cemented by her real-life experience.