Mahjong Saturday : Beginners Level 1

Class Capacity: 4 - 8 students.

Sharpen your mind playing this time-honoured game of strategy. Learn the rules and expand the hand you play (Eastern-style taught in Level 1).

Beginners Level 1 is suitable for first-time beginners. You will learn the rules and strategies of Eastern Style Mahjong. If you have already completed a term of Mahjong with us, please enrol in Beginners Level 2.

Note: If you haven’t taken Mahjong classes with Ron before, we recommend you join at Beginners Level 1 to ensure a comprehensive introduction to the game. Contact the Centre for more information 9922 2299.

Mahjong is the quintessence to the Chinese, as cricket to the British.

Mahjong is a game of strategy, probability and luck.

Mahjong is an ancient game, which originated in China some 2000 years ago and is still a favourite pastime today. 

The game was initially played by the elite in the palaces. The game was then introduced to Britain, USA and Asia in the 1900s.

You will learn the history, the name, the material, the set, the three different suits, the honours suit, the game of Pongs and Chows, the Hands, and the scoring.

Over the two Beginner terms (Level 1 and Level 2), you will learn both Eastern and Western Hands. 

After the beginner's classes, you may join our Social class to continue enjoying the game and practising your skills.

"With my years of teaching Mahjong experience, I guarantee you will learn to play the game. Once you have acquired the skill, you will enjoy and play the game for many many years to come."

Materials List

Bring drinks & nibbles. Mahjong sets and notes available. *NOTE: all adult classes are for ages 18+ only, unless otherwise specified

Tutor: Allen Ling