Tune In & Check Up For Your Bicycle @ Northside Produce Market

Bikewise are back to give your bike a medical check. From the brakes to the bells, a bicycle expert talks you through the tune-up and makes adjustments to make your riding experience more safe and comfortable. Bikewise offer basic tune-in and check- up and if your bike needs more serious work completed, the Bikewise facilitator recommends what you need to do to ensure safe riding.

Customers are served on a first come – first served basis and need to register their name at the tent on the day. Each bike receives a 10 – 15 minute session with a Bikewise expert and you need to be present for your bike to receive a tune in and check up. Please note the bike mechanic can only service one bike per person.

This service is not a replacement for regular maintenance needed on bicycles. Bikewise recommend establishing a relationship with a bike service shop to ensure your bike is in full working condition particularly if you are a regular rider or returning to riding after a long time.

For more information about upcoming events and courses being run by Bikewise visit www.bikewise.com.au.

Courtesy of North Sydney Council.

Tutor: Bikewise

BikeWise are Experts in City Cycling. Formed in 2008 we have trained thousands of people to ride with skills & confidence in the city. Excellent training with qualified instructors. A solid curriculum that delivers real results – more skillful, better traffic strategies and more confident cyclists.