Northside Produce Market - Saturday 20 July

We are so excited to welcome Cheese on Wheels to Northside Produce Market who are presenting 3 of NSW’s top artisan dairy producers – Pecora Dairy, Burraduc Buffalo and Marrook Farm. Cheese on Wheels was established in Sydney in 2012 by cheesemongers, Aurore Ghigo and Tom Ippolito. We are fortunate to have Aurore at our market who is not just known for her cheese knowledge in Australia but across the world. Having recently represented Australia solely in the World Contest of the Best Cheesemonger 2019 in Tours, France and is now ranked in the top 10 best cheesemongers in the world.

Like all family reunions we can’t wait to see Pecora Dairy here again with their seasonal ewes milk cheeses from their farm situated in Robertson, the green heart of the Southern Highlands. It's there, that their ewes graze lush pasture and drink from crystal clear running creeks to produce rich, creamy milk from which their award winning products are made.

Elena Swegen and family have a very unique farming enterprise in the beautiful Myall Lakes -a buffalo dairy. Inspired by their daughter who dealt with buffalo whist studying verterinary science, they purchased the only two available purebred Riverine female buffaloes with calves at foot from the Northern Territory eight years ago. They now have a milking herd of 30 from which they make Mozzarella, Burrata, Dolce Nina, Fetta, Yoghurt and if there is enough, there is the milk itself.

Marrook Farm is on the Bulga Plateau which is part of the headwaters of the Manning and Hastings rivers. Their cows were originally mainly Ayrshire with a few Aussie Red. Traditional production methods combined with their Biodynamic ethos informed their decision to have a factory on the farm adjacent to the milking facility ensuring that they get the most pure milk and remain in control of the quality through the entirety of the processing. The end result being a fabulous range of dairy products on offer since 1999.

Carl from Peyton Blu Royale cannot recommend enough the Boston Bay mussels that they have from South Australia. The blue mussel grow in the beautiful pristine waters in Eyre Peninsula in water columns between 3 and 30 meters below the surface and kept well above the sea floor, which means the mussels are always clean, healthy and free from bottom dwelling predators. This results in a soft, sweet, rich and creamy texture. At this time of year they’re at a perfect price for a hearty dish such as a pasta mussel marinara.

Mailer Mcguire have their 2nd ever special release this Saturday in honour of those of you supporting Dry July. The Victoria Hops Kombucha featuring organic whole cone Victoria Hops grown in Bemboka, NSW by Ryefield Hops. These gems marry beautifully with Rosie’s unique blend of slowly fermented premium black and green tea to deliver bright tropical notes of mandarin, pineapple and pear. A juicy, easy drinking charm!

For those of you not sustaining from alcohol but supporting Plastic Free July, make sure you check out Flat Rock Brew’s new four/six pack can holders. Whilst they contain four times as much plastic as the traditional soft plastic can holders, they are made from up to 96 percent recycled plastic. Their use means that there is less requirement for shrink wrap in the packaging process and they can also be reused and recycled.

Cleaning your kitchen will never be the same once you’ve experienced Lomarra’s beautiful botanical cleaning sprays. Vanessa Armstrong uses only Australian native essential oils and handcrafts each batch. You’ll deepen your connection to Australia's unique bushland with each spray!

We look forward to seeing everybody on Saturday. Lisa MacDonald, Northside Produce Market Coordinator