Stallholder Features: 2 Duck trading Co and Beeswax Wraps Australia

During 2019, Northside Produce Market celebrates it’s 20th year of trading. We couldn’t have done it without all of the dedicated North Sydney Community Centre staff and volunteers, our wonderful customers and of course all of our fabulous stallholders. Throughout the year we will feature some of the stallholders so that you can discover a little more of their story.

Tutor: 2 Duck Trading Co

2 Duck Trading Co specialise in hand woven market baskets from palm leaves grown and made in Morocco. The leaves are harvested in July, then dried and woven into hundreds of different styles. The plant grows naturally and is harvested sustainably. All the leather is naturally tanned making the baskets eco friendly.  Miriam and Martine select about a 100 styles to bring to Australia every year. Although the styles seen in France usually have short handles, Australians love long handles so they have developed a full range of baskets with long thick and comfy handles. They have been at Northside for more than 10 years and are pleased to see so many people shopping with baskets reducing the no of plastic bags used.

Tutor: Beeswax Wraps Australia Pty Ltd

Josh and partner Angela knocked back many opportunities to make money as they did not align with their moral compass. When Josh first saw beeswax wraps, he fell in love with them. He had a 5 kilo mass of organic beeswax that he had left over from a candle making project which he and Angie then used to make their first wraps with. 2 years later they have a thriving business that aligns with their desire to give back to the planet. They are constantly revising their systems to keep up with the ever increasing demand for their products. Josh is looking forward to demonstrating how to repair your wraps at our April 6th market. If your wraps are on their last legs, then bring them along washed and cleaned so you can get rewrapping!