Northside Produce Market - Saturday 17 August

The 2020 Northside Produce Market calendar has gone to print and we are really excited! Our first ever Northside Produce Market calendar will be launched at our 20 year anniversary market on Saturday, September 21st with bonus 2019 months from September to December. Pre-orders will be taken as of this Saturday’s market at our Info stall, online at our North Sydney Community Centre website, by phone on (02)9922 2299 and personally at the Centre’s Administration office.

West Walla Farm are also excited with the launch of their boutique, small-batch traditional homemade mayonnaise at this August 17th market. Tobias’ slight obsession with good quality mayonnaise led he and Amy to creating something very delicious with the pastured eggs from their flock of 1,200 chickens that live very happily, ranging freely through the farm’s fields. You can’t get fresher mayo than this!

We welcome Mrs Toddy’s Tonics to Northside with their 100% natural plant based tonics. The Todd family lived and travelled throughout Indonesia and Mrs Toddy - Sophie was introduced to a  turmeric & ginger Jamu (plant based drinks) to assist her with period pain and inflammation by a Javanese friend which made an incredible difference. This lead Sophie on a quest to work with traditional Jamu makers and on her return to Australia 18 months ago, she made some for friends and hasn’t stopped!

Sudha Diwakar grew up in Bangalore, Southern India and crackers made largely of rice, lentils and potato and of course spices were a staple part of the course of meals. Now living in Australia, Sudha wanted to give a modern twist to these traditional crackers and so Tasteville was born. There may be new varieties such as a gluten free millet cracker however the tastes and culinary experience will still transport you to India this Saturday.

Our free Behind the Scenes Market tours take place at 7.30am and 9.00am led by Tawnya Bahr thanks to the support of North Sydney Council. Nadine Ingram of Flour and Stone will be there especially at her stall and Phil Lavers of Moonacres Farm’s will share his passion for his new Soil project with us. Participants always really enjoy these tours, hearing and tasting the stories from the producers! So don’t miss out and book now on the Markets - Events page on our North Sydney Community Centre website.

If you haven’t tried one of John Zavaglia’s Watermelon Daikon, then we suggest you do! Also referred to as radishes and turnips, these pretty, refreshing, crunchy versatile vegetables can be eaten raw, baked, steamed or pickled. Wait to see you what Holly Davis is creating with them for our 20 year anniversary market.

Stallholder Homeland Streetfood’s father and daughter team, Motti and Dafna will be teaching how to make Israeli Streetfood at the Centre on Sunday, August 25th. Karl Riseborough of Flat Rock Brew Cafe will be holding a Beer Homebrewing workshop in 2 sessions starting on Sunday September 1st - which could be a great Fathers Day treat.

North Sydney Council’s Bushcare will be sharing their knowledge and passion for the natural environment and local residents make the most of this opportunity to take home free native seedlings.

We look forward to seeing everybody on Saturday. Lisa MacDonald, Northside Produce Market Coordinator