Supernice Kream

Stallholder: Supernice Kream (Plant to Soul)

SUPERNICE KREAM is the first healthy ice cream to hit Australia. It’s made entirely from plants and contains nature’s juiciest fruits, freshest veggies, powerful superfoods and then blended them with thick, creamy Australian almonds to create a frozen superfood that looks, tastes and feels like ice cream, but isn’t. It’s SUPERNICE KREAM.
A delicious, nutritious ‘ice cream’ that’s actually good for you!
100% natural. Dairy free, Gluten free, Vegan friendly. Sweetened with fruit. Superfood enriched.

Despite Northside Produce Market being closed temporarily (boo hoo) you can still get your hands on SUPERNICE KREAM. Here are the following ways to get your fix:

1. Visit us at the following local lower north shore stockists: Willoughby Fresh – Willoughby
Dr Earth – Neutral Bay

2. Take up our home delivery service.



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