Formaggi Ocello

Stallholder : Formaggi Ocello

Formaggi Ocello began when Carmelo and Sogna Ocello by chance met a goat cheese farmer in 2001 travelling from Queensland every week to sell his cheese at a Sydney Growers Market. Tired of the travelling and wanting to focus on making cheese, he offered the Ocello’s his stall.

After sometime they travelled overseas to Europe and saw many cheeses were not available in Australia.  They returned and started importing Italian cheeses then French, Swiss, English, Irish and Spanish which they sold at their market stalls including Northside Produce Market. In 2009, they opened up their store in Surry Hills.

The only market we attend now is Northside.  Our customers are very loyal and adventurous and enjoy trying new cheeses and ‘in season ‘cheeses. “We always state that we started with 1 cheese and now we have over 200 hundred Artisan cheeses from Australia and around the world in our store”.

Carmelo and Sogna have all of their amazing cheeses  available online to purchase. They are also delivering for FREE to the North Side on Wednesday and Thursday with a minimum order of $130. They don’t just sell cheese online but also essential pantry items such as Italian extra virgin olive oil, balsamic, pasta, olives, truffle products and freshly sliced cured meats, wine and more.

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