Flour & Stone

Stallholder : Flour & Stone

Flour and Stone is a petite bakery in inner city Sydney with a large and devoted following for its pannacotta lamingtons, flaky croissants and dreamy cakes.

Our team bakes with finesse and love to bring joy to the city and gives with a generosity and abundance from our hearts.

We make everything in our kitchen at Woolloomooloo using ingredients from small growers and producers such as Pepe Saya butter, and Country Valley milk.

Family and community in every sense is at the core of Flour and Stone.

Not every day is perfect, some days the cakes stick in the tins, some days are so hot the croissant gives up the will to rise, some days we run out of cake and need to console the sad faces. It’s the good days we live for though. The fluffy sponges, the treacly smell of the ANZAC biscuits coming out of the oven, the smiling faces and the relationships forged in our bakery.

That's the gold!


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