The Free Range Butcher


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At The Free Range Butcher we are 100% committed to supporting local farmers and delivering to you a quality, traceable and convenient product.  We specialise in Grass Fed, 28 day Dry Aged Beef, Pasture Fed Lamb, Pasture Fed Free Range Pork, and Free Range Poultry.

We actively source direct from farmers with the aim to support regenerative farmers whenever possible.  All our meat is hormone and antibiotic free.

Our idea of Free Range is animals in the open, feet on the ground, eating grass and sleeping under trees. Essentially an animal free to do as it pleases and display its natural behaviours.

The animals on the farm are out in the open as nature intended. To keep them healthy we use as many natural preventative measures as we can. By regularly moving our livestock to fresh new paddocks we minimise the transfer and cycle of worms and parasites. The animals are given preventative treatments at certain times of the year, or as the seasons dictate. This is no different to treating your pet at home...except we have more of them! All animals are hormone free and we have local vets on call to treat sick animals.

We believe because our animals are less stressed our product tastes better. Or, as we say, Happiness Tastes Better! All our animals are Grass Fed and Finished.


We offer a home delivery service three times a week delivering on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The minimum amount for home delivery is $79 + $20 delivery.  Orders over $199 are delivered free using the code LOCKDOWN.  Orders are done on our website.