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From humble beginnings in 2005 making everything by hand and smoking fish in a little smoke house at her home, Leisa Collins has grown the business to have 8 full time employees, holds stalls at many markets and now has a retail store on Oxford St, Paddington.

Fish are delivered to Brilliant Food no more than 48 hours after harvest and whilst the business has adopted modern technology to streamline the production process, the staff still undergo the painstaking process of filleting, pin boning, hand rubbing each fillet in a unique cure mix and smoking.

Brilliant Food’s years of producing premium smoked seafood and their dedication to using only Australian seafood has earned Leisa the reputation of being the benchmark for quality Australian smoked seafood as reflected by the number of awards the business has received.


I really appreciate you reaching to us and thank you. We need all the help we can get!

Paddington store: 178 Oxford St, Paddington 2021

Phone: 96957600