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John Zavaglia’s parents started farming a mix of fruit, veggies and flowers in Eastwood back in 1949. Growing up, John and his sister would help out after school and during the holidays. In 1964 the family moved to Glenorie on Cairnes Road where there were another 40 to 50 farms. At 16, John finished school and joined the family business full time. In 1979, he married Carmel and they took over the farm.

John and Carmel run the farm by themselves, no longer growing flowers except for Zucchini flowers and concentrate on growing lesser known produce such as cucamelons – a fruit, the size of a grape that looks like a mini watermelon and has the texture and taste like that of a cucumber with a tinge of sourness.

John says “attending the markets is rewarding, being involved in the whole cycle and has enabled us to survive as at is too hard for small farms these days in the Sydney basin to make a living selling at Flemington Markets. I began at Northside Produce Market about 15 years ago and I enjoy the atmosphere, the park setting and that our customers appreciate the different things we grow”. Zavaglia Gourmet Produce is one of only 3 farms now operating on Cairnes Road.

TO SHOP: Farmgate pick up also available


Phone: John Zavaglia - 0406 935 406