Pepe Saya

Tutor: Pierre Issa Melissa Altman

Pepe Saya make cultured butter…along with crème fraiche, buttermilk, mascarpone, ghee, lemon butter and maple butter.

Our butter is batch churned using only cream and culture, creating a natural and less processed product. When the cream arrives from the farms to our creamery in Caringbah, we heat up the cream and inoculate it with a lactobacillus culture. We allow the cream to culture, allowing for a full buttery taste and slight tang to develop and create the unique flavour of the cultured butter- this is our crème fraiche. The crème fraiche is then churned, which produces our buttermilk, and of course Pepe Saya butter. Finally, the butter is kneaded and placed into hand pressed moulds, wrapped and labelled ready for you to enjoy!


You can purchase the full range of Pepe Saya from our online store. We are delivering across Sydney throughout the week.