Northside Produce Market - Saturday July 18

I am so excited that Thomas Rolfe of Bondi Oysters is joining us this Saturday along with Davin Charlesworth of Australia’s Oyster Coast. They’ll be introducing us to their sublime Sydney Rock Oysters grown in estuaries all along the East Coast of New South Wales. You’ll be able to sample before you buy and discover what makes their oysters so exceptional.

It’s is a bumper crop this season for Avocados from Bobs Farm and Lauren reports they are looking healthy and ready for picking for their return to Northside. As usual they will start with the popular Hass variety, bringing in the luxurious Sharwills in October.  

The Red Lantern pears aka Piqa Boo at Banana Bar’s stall appear fake, but look and taste picture perfect. Be treated to their sweet juiciness and soft crunch similar to a nashi pear. Michael will also have new season Blood oranges. 

Princess Pantry has used the Red Belly, a Sicilian variety of the Blood orange in in her seasonal preserve. Cathy says ‘it is a gentle marmalade, which loves to be spread on fresh ricotta, melting butter and healthy tahini. It also great as a glaze on pork duck and ham.' It also features in her Jam Drop biscuits and her warmed up Turnovers – mmmm. 

It’s cold enough for Enokido Miso to be serving their hot Brown Miso soup at this market. It’s always a treat watching the ritual of the soup come together reminiscent of being in Japan.

You’ll be able to wrap your hands around a hot Broomfields Pie as you wander around this Winter’s morning. We are definitely spoiled for choice at Northside Produce Market.

As always at the market during this Covid-19 time, hand sanitiser is provided at all of the stalls and at the North Sydney Community Centre Info stall located on the path that cuts through the top section of the park.

Pre-ordering, pre-paying and using Tap ‘n Go and Shop ‘n Go is strongly encouraged to help make the market as safe as is possible during this Covid-19 time.

Lisa MacDonald, Northside Produce Market Coordinator.