Northside Produce Market - Saturday August 1

Our farmers always appreciate rain and it’s looking like we won’t need our wet weather gear for the market this Saturday. There’ll be lots of deliciousness to tantalise your taste buds and keep you warm this Saturday morning and the sweet scent of which flower will be perfuming Miller Street?

At Homeland Streetfood, you can now fill your belly with the fabulous falafel that is cooked fresh to order by Motti at their stall. Top them with condiments and sauces that oooze of the Middle East in a pitta pocket or salad box. If you are needing more at a later date, let Dafna know how many individual falafel you desire.

We proudly claim that Briliant Food’s hot Seafood Chowder is the best around and at this Saturday’s market, Double Smoked Fish Sausages will also be on offer. Filled with Salmon and Ocean Trout, Leisa makes these snags especially for her Northside customers but not always. One great way of serving them is with scrambled eggs – yummo! 

Ms Mary Jane serves up great breaky and brunch down in the amphitheatre and now their repertoire includes take out products. Melinda discovered that Chef Karen who works the bbq, makes a great muslie and as of this market, you can take packets of it home along with hand rolled, steamed and baked English muffins.

Globe artichokes are coming to the end of their season and this may be the last market that you will be able to purchase them from the Vegie King stall. This exotic looking thistle is often overlooked in not knowing what to do with them. However in searching for the simplest way to to cook them, you could soon be enjoying these edible flower buds. 

It’s tart and tangy and in Winter, Rhubarb is a household favourite dessert when stewed and sweetened. It can be added to muffins and cakes and made into jam and chutney. For Moonacres Farm In the Southern Higlands, Phil says it peters off around August whereas for the Grimas in Horsley Park - Sydney, the warmer climate extends their season.

The sweet smell of Jonquils will once again permeate from the Mayfarm Flowers stall this Saturday and I look forward to seeing all of the colour and brightness that their blooms offer to the market especially during this Covid-19 time.

As always during this time, hand sanitiser is provided at all of our stalls and we ask that you maintain social distancing. We encourage pre-ordering ad pre-paying prior to the market and Tap ‘n Go and Shop ‘n Go at the market. Thank you for assisting us in making the market as safe and enjoyable as is possible. 

See you on Saturday.

Lisa MacDonald, Northside Produce Market Coordinator.