Northside Produce Market - Saturday September 5

Spring has sprung and as is so often the case at the beginning of this season, the weather plays around cold and hot as reflected at this Northside Produce Market.  We’re excited and welcome new stallholders, new offerings, what has been picked from above and below the earth and what is waiting to be planted perhaps as a gift for Dad on Father’s Day.

We knew we were onto a new winner with Wholefood & Spice when everyone in our office immediately wanted to place orders for their cakes after trying them. Nutrition practitioner team, Simone Kopkas and Sara Millikin’s hand-made, nutritious, protein packed cake / cup cake mixes with Australian Native Spices are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, low sugar, vegan and with nothing artificial make cake making so easy, good for you and above all taste good. 

Living in the Blue Mountains, Karin Hentschel had been making a syrup to add to wine to make mulled wine. It was friends who convinced her that she should be selling it as they couldn’t find anything like it and other pre-mixed versions were not as good. Thus Glüh-Brew was born and in wanting to not waste the left over citrus juices, Karin went onto create her Sangria Sryup – a perfect combo to have with these changing temperatures.

We really appreciate The Little Coffee Co using Country Valley milk in their coffee they serve at the market. We’re excited that you can now buy this award winning milk and yoghurt from the 6thgeneration, family run dairy farm in Picton at the stall. Meet John Fairley, the owner and dairy farmer on Saturday and ask him why the milk is slightly sweeter at this time of year?

La Truffiere will have the last of their fresh truffles for this season that will go so well with Chef Luca Ciano’s new Creamy Tomato & Smoked Paprika sauce spooned over pasta with ricotta.

Basil is wanting to be planted and Wormticklers Nursery is bursting at the seams with their organic seedings springing into life. 

Xesus Blends return with their wholesome juices such as their Strawberry, Ginger, Pineapple and Orange combo to swing us into September.

Local mag Northsider’s Spring edition is full of support for the area and meet the editors Belinda and Anna when you pick up a free copy.

Wouldn’t Dad love to have his bike serviced for free on Saturday? Thanks to North Sydney Council he can, next door to our Info stall in the middle of the park.

I look forward to seeing everybody shopping Covid-19 safely in the lovely outdoor setting of Ted Mack Civic Park this Saturday morning from 8am till midday.

Lisa MacDonald, Northside Produce Market Coordinator.