Northside Produce Market - Saturday February 20

The Lunar New Year marks the yearly arrival of Jujubes at Northside Produce Market. James and Roy Duffell from Prickle Hill Produce in Coleambally in the Riverina are harvesting these small, light, sweet and nutty - apple like fruit which have 20 times more Vitamin C content than citrus fruit. They are busy drying some of the Jujubes - known as Chinese Red Dates.

As we head towards Autumn, early season pears and apples are appearing at the market. Produce from Orange have the tiny, cute, sweet and crunchy Paradise pears, gorgeous Red Sensations and Royal Gala apples. Phil from Moonacre Farm will have the first of his Cox’s Orange Pippin apples.

Plums are still aplenty at these 2 stalls - Mariposa Blood plum, President, Autumn Giant, Tegan Blue, Amber Jewel and Sugar Plum. It’s end of season for white peaches and white nectarines so don’t miss out this Saturday.

Finger limes are in season and Currong Comestibles are selling their Rainforest Lime Shrub, Rainforest Lime & Cumquat Marmalade and Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney. Chat with Denyse and discover what a Shrub is and discuss other native Australian ingredients she uses in her range of products.

Once Shinji Hiraoka from Enokido Miso completes the fermentation of his soy sauce, the liquid component is bottled and the remaining solid component ‘soy sauce koji’ is jarred. This less well-known Japanese ingredient imparts a delicate soy sauce flavour rich in umami and tenderises meats and vegetables wonderfully. To know more, Shinji will be at his Enokido Miso stall from 10am till noon. 

The Little Coffee Co Stall uses and sells ‘real’ milk from Country Valley in Picton that is permeate-free. This Saturday, owner of Country Valley and 6th generation dairy farmer, John Fairley is giving away samples of his yummy yoghurt at the stall. Permeate is the by-product from the production of skim milk which can be used as a cheap filler in milk and not required to be labelled if it is 12% or less of the volume.

Leisa Colin has one of her unique products this Saturday and we understand she is the only supplier. It is the sustainably fished and sporadically caught Wild Blue Mackerel. Being from the oily fish family and therefore strong flavoured, it’s perfect for smoking. Within 24hrs of catch, the curing commences limiting the oxidation. Catch this smoked fish at Leisa’s Brilliant Food stall.

Stallholder Lady Marmalade has limited jars of Cumquat jam and Fig jam using the figs she loves so much from the Figlicious stall. So much so that Yolande bought one of Gebran’s fig trees last year and cannot recommend enough doing so and reaping the luscious rewards. 

As always, I look forward to seeing everyone at the market from 8am till midday, come rain or shine supporting our fabulous food producers.

Lisa MacDonald, Northside Produce Market Coordinator