Organic Miso & Soy Sauce Making

This workshop will allow you to make your very own artisanal miso and soy sauce following traditional techniques from ancient Japan using local organically produced ingredients.

You will learn about every step of the miso and soy sauce fermentation processs - the ingredients and kitchen utensils required, how to prepare the soybeans, and mixing your own batch of soybeans with koji (malted rice) and salt. You will take home 2kg of your very own handmade miso, and 1L of soy sauce, to continue the fermentation process at home. 

Please note - soy sauce will be made using wheat, we cannot offer a workshop for gluten free soy sauce. 

Materials List

Please bring a hand towel, and an apron if desired.

Tutor: Shinji Hiraoka

Shinji Hiraoka was born in Saitama, Japan in 1955. He undertook training as a sushi chef for 5 years before immigrating to Australia. Shinji was one of the first Japanese chefs in Sydney (Sushi House, Crows Nest in 1983). Miso making has always been an integral part of his life and traditional techniques have been passed on for generations. Today, Shinji continues this family tradition offering handcrafted miso. Passionate about organics and high quality, Enokido Miso is handmade using only the finest of Australian grown certified organic ingredients. All Shinji’s beautiful products are available at his Northside Produce Market stall.