Northside Produce Market - Saturday March 6

You can see, feel and taste the beginning of Autumn at Northside Produce Market this Saturday.

We're excited for Grove to Home to be at Northside Produce Market. Sally Bramham is showcasing olives grown in smaller groves in the Hunter Valley. From the classic Kalamatta, Sevillano and Manzanillo in brine to marinated in Lemon Myrtle & Fennel and Bush Herb & Spices. Meet olive grower Peter Herborn from Laguna Olives in the earlier hours of the market. Ask Pete, a 20 year veteran of the Hunter olive industry and Sally about visiting the groves over the next few weeks during harvesting and getting yourself a refillable bottle of cold pressed, organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

German born Romy Wolf enjoyed living in Australia but she really missed the savoury, vegetable spreads that she grew up on and are popular in her homeland. That is until recently when Romy satisfied her withdrawals by creating Pikkant. Romy's range of Tomato Quinoa, Capsicium Hemp and Olive Tomato spreads, have no preservatives, no added sugar, nothing artificial, are vegan friendly, can be used in a multitude of ways and the savoury flavours are really satisfying.

Banana Bar is back. We’ve missed Michael’s Cavendish and Lady Finger bananas from Coff’s Harbour. They are proof that leaving fruit on trees to ripen is so worth it. Our resident fruit detective has sniffed out the best pineapple – a non-acidic variety with an intense flavour and sweet and syrupy.

We also missed Fibre for Good’s baskets that are great for collecting all your produce in as you make your way around the market. Hand crocheted from recycled nylon then set in resin, these baskets are strong and sustainably made. There’s more to the story of these baskets and who made them, so do ask Fiona at their stall.

With the change of seasons, The Gourmet Potato move from their farm in Kadwell in the Southern Tablelands to their farm in the Southern Highlands. Wentworth will tell you all about the array of quality potato varieties they grow here: the Dakota Chief, Austrian Crescent, Dutch Red, Sir James and Queen May.

Apples become bountiful from the Golden Delicious to Bramley’s Seedling which is slightly sour and lends itself to cooking and baking. It makes for a great apple sauce. We see more variety of pears such as the D’anjou, juicy and soft when ripe with subtle, sweet flavours and mild notes of lemon and lime. 

This season’s fruit and vegetables are the stars at Totally Juiced. Parvesh Guglani prides himself on the produce he sources for his juices and the relationships he has built with the farmers he buys directly from. The Watermelon, Pineapple and Apple combo is a refreshing taste of the seasonal shift.

La Truffiere’s mustards are inspired by the broad range of flavoured mustards which exist in France. Joelle Dulac makes her mustards from Australian mustard seeds and uses the seasonal, chemical-free produce that she and her husband Chris grow on their farm to flavour them. Such as blueberries, tarragon and of course truffles.

I love this time of year and look forward to seeing Mother Nature’s exceptional bounty at the market this Saturday morning.

Lisa MacDonald, Northside Produce Market Coordinator