Northside Produce Market - Saturday May 1

Taste the flavours of Italy at this Saturday's Northside Produce Market. We may not be able to travel to Italy but we can certainly enjoy its culinary influences and cuisine.

Mama Mia or should we say Nonna Dina! This Saturday chef Luca Ciano is serving up hot, freshly made Ricotta Fritters at his stall, just like the ones his Nonna Dina use to make in Italy during Carnevale. Served with a side of Luca’s Tomato Basil Chilli jam, you’ll leave singing “That’s Amore”.

I love it when we have freshly picked chestnuts at the market. As you can’t eat them raw, I asked Yuri of Produce from Orange how he cooks their chestnuts. “Simple – cut a cross in the skin on one side and put them on the grill on a bbq, close the lid and cook until the skin is slightly scorched and the meat is golden. Peel them while they’re still warm.

It’s great to see Zavaglia’s Gourmet Produce and Wormticklers Nursery back at the market having suffered from the recent deluge of rain and its damage. John Zavaglia will have baby Zucchinis and flowers with easy recipes on how to stuff and cook them. Wormtickler Jordan tells us he has Italian parsley, dill and sage for you to plant as well as broccolini, cavalo nero, cauliflower, beans and much more.

Now is the time to be foraging for wild mushrooms such as in Oberon in the pine forests. If you won’t have a chance to do so, get yourself a mushroom growing kit from Margins Mushrooms. It’s so exciting and rewarding when you get your first flush of Oyster mushrooms.

A customer confided in me that she is a hopeless cook. She and her husband recently had a couple over for a card night and decided to try Pastabilities fresh Fettucine and Butternut pumpkin, Goats cheese & Sage Ravioli with accompanying sauces for dinner this night. “I simply followed the instructions and 5 mins later a fabulous meal was served. There was enough left over for us to have for lunch the next day. Soo delicious, easy and economical”.

This could be Figlicious’ last stall for the season. Have you tried their Fig and Almond jam? Make sure you also ask Gebran about his Persimmons he has on the back of the truck. They are the Fuyu variety which are non-astringent and can be eaten while still hard and crisp and when softer.

Formaggi Ocello has the finest and largest selection of Italian cheese from Bloomy, Blue, Buffalo, Cow, Goat, Sheep to fresh, firm, hard & crumbly, washed rind and non-animal rennet. Of course you will want to match your cheese with an Italian style wine from Petersons Wines and Savannah Estate!

Maria River Distillery’s Limoncello makes for a zingy aperitif. Keep your eyes open for their upcoming Small Batches releases as the colder weather brings with it a greater variety of citrus to make cellos with.

Flour & Stone’s Amaretti biscuits are perfect at any time with an Espresso, Long Black, Ristretto, Latte, Cappuccino or Flat White and a great way to finish off an Italian feast.

Experience one of our fabulous, free ‘Behind the Scenes’ market tours this Saturday led by food consultant and chef Tawnya Bahr. Book now via our website. 

Ciao and see you on Saturday tossing a coin into our ‘Trevi’ fountain in the park!

Lisa MacDonald, Northside Produce Market Coordinator