Brooklyn Boy Bagels

Stallholder: Brooklyn Boy Bagels

At Brooklyn Boy, we make artisan bagels the true New York way: boiled, baked, with a two-day fermentation process and quality ingredients. That gives our bagels a depth of flavour and elasticity that you won’t find in those typical “rolls with a hole”.

We use single-original flour, top-quality American malt, Australian sea salt and more. So you can be sure you’re getting a true taste of Brooklyn, along with one of the best challah breads and sourdough caraway ryes you’ve even had, along with American-style cookies, fresh pretzels, and housemade cream cheeses that are whipped until beautifully soft and folded with fresh ingredients.


We’re now delivering daily across great Sydney! To order, visit our websitewe and place your order before 2pm for next-day delivery. For special requests, email us.