La Truffiere

Stallholder: La Truffiere

La Truffiere, truffle farm in French, is situated 35 minutes drive from Canberra. All our trees are inoculated with the authentic Tuber melanosporum or Perigord Truffle.

Our truffle ‘culture’ goes beyond planting and growing trees. One of the family members, Joelle, was born and raised in Le Perigord, home of the famous Black Truffle, the Tuber melanosporum. As such, truffles are part of our life especially during the winter months where the slightly intoxicating scent of fresh truffles lingers in the kitchen.

“I have a vivid memory of my mother coming back from the woods with our dog on her heels, and holding her basket as a treasure and telling me which truffle will reach a good price and which one we will use for an omelette. Nowadays the truffle season is a reminiscence of my childhood.”

Our family of Border Collies have joined us in this venture. All were made familiar with the truffle aroma as a puppy. Then, as they grew older, we trained them to find truffles in the ground.’

From our truffles, we make truffle mustard, mayonnaise, infused olive oil and so much more such as truffle bush honey. Go to our website to discover the full range of truffle products.


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