Northside Produce Market - Saturday July 2

The recent discovery of the deadly Varroa Destructor - a major honeybee parasite at sentinel beehives near the Port of Newcastle has put NSW in a bee lockdown. No honey bees are allowed to be moved across the state in order to help prevent the spread of this varroa mite which up until now, has affected every major beekeeping area in the world apart from Australia.  A widespread varroa mite outbreak would have a devastating effect on our honey industry as well as the 35 agricultural industries reliant on bee pollination.

This Saturday, Andrew Wilson at his Snives Hives & Sydney Bee Rescue stall, has the latest on the varroa mite situation and advice on what to do if you keep European honey bees. Andrew will also have his rounds of beeswax, jars of honey and he still has some pure bee pollen. Make the most of the opportunity to get yourself some of this crunchy, plant -based protein.

Avocados grown at Bobs Farm are back! Neil's all-time favourite - the early season, smooth skinned Fuerte avocado that remains green when ripe, will be making a one-time only appearance at this July 2 market up in the top stall area of the park. Lauren has just confirmed that they will also have some of the creamy, nutty fruit from their Hass avocado trees too.

Hot Miso soup is being served up at Enokido Miso. The Brown Rice Miso paste, fermented for 6 -12 months to create the natural umami flavour, is used from their range of organic, hand-made Miso as the base of the soup. Akeemi will top up your cup with your choice of Enoki mushrooms, Daikon radish, Bonito flakes, Wakame seaweed and / or Sesame seeds. Market tip: 1 jar = 20 serves = bargain.

Mix Masala’s samosas are so popular that the range has been expanded for take away and eat in at the market, with the new Lamb Samosa and the Kachori. This delicious, Indian street food is round in shape, filled with spices and lentils and Azeema has encased the filling in a flaky, gluten-free pastry for all to enjoy. 2 new chutneys are on offer too – Beetroot and Curry Leaf.

As we head further into Winter, Peterson’s Wines have two wonderful, red wines to warm you up. Their 2018 McDonalds Creek Cabernet Sauvignon from Mudgee is "rich, ripe, elegant, soft and dry" and the 2017 McDonalds Creek Shiraz is “perfect with a leg of lamb with pomegranate and rosemary or simply with Stilton cheese on rye bread” says our John the Pom.

It’s Plastic Free July and If you forget your shopping bags, pick up free, reusable material bags from The Bag Depot at our Info stall. You can also pick up bags of shredded paper to use in your compost, worm farm and as bedding for house pets.

It could be a wet market, so you know what to do to support our dedicated and passionate food producers and get the freshest of produce and great artisan food goods - bring your wet weather gear and your warming smiles. See you there!

Lisa MacDonald - Northside Produce Market Coordinator

Due to the current Covid-19 situation in Sydney and in the interest of everyone’s safety, we encourage you to practice the following whilst at the market:

  • Pre-order where possible.
  • Do not attend the market if you are unwell.
  • Wear a face mask.
  • Maintain a physical distance of 1.5m.
  • Shop ’n Tap
  • Use hand sanitiser available at every stall.