Contemporary Talisman Workshop with Gathered Nature & Rubbish

Make an artefact: a talisman with a spiritual resonance thought to give the owner of them, healing, protective powers.

Talisman make wonderful, sustainable and personal gifts.

A talisman hung in our homes, reminds us of the natural world, gives a resonance of protection & healing whilst also being beautiful.

Using "Gathered Nature” and if so desired, elements of plastic rubbish (as a Bower bird would do in their nests), these works can help raise awareness about use of plastics whilst also putting an emphasis on creating sustainable Christmas gifts.

In the spirit of alchemy we will have a small meditation and sage stick cleansing/blessing of the Talisman at the end of class. This blessing will give the works their protective & healing qualities. So that wherever they are hung they will bring healing and protection.

Dictionary definition: Talisman- "an object thought to have alchemy/magic powers and to bring good luck."

Bring: Plate of food to share Apron Scissors Penny will provide all materials but if students would like, please bring your own personal pressed leaves, old buttons, beads, feathers, pods to weave into their artworks.

Tutor: Penny Simons

Penny Simons is an Artist and Gardener living and working in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  She decided upon a tree change 4.5 years ago and moved with her family from Sydney to Kangaloon.  Before having her 2 children, she was one of the founding partners of “Cloth”,  a Sydney based, bespoke business, producing hand printed and constructed textiles. She left Cloth after 5 years to create her own unique, independent clothing label, “Scorch”, which she ran until she had children. Penny has since studied and worked in the fields of biodynamics, landscape design, craft and horticulture. She uses all of these principles and techniques with her family on their land, with friends and her community to share the knowledge she has learned.  Prior to this, Penny gained a BA hons. in Constructed Textiles, majoring in Weaving, from Winchester School of Art in England.  “My work is about cross pollinating all these art forms, and the effect that working in this way can have on our senses and our level of awareness." Penny achieves this by working with the seasons and materials from her native environment & the garden to create sustainable art and craft work and then runs workshops to teach people these techniques. For those living in the city, the workshops provide a taste of rural life and nature. They are about reconnecting with the earth, through her season’s and the materials she provides. By working with elements from nature, students will get a sense of “relief” & become aware of the possibilities of working with nature’s materials and the spirit they evoke. They will leave feeling enriched, and inspired by their own work and the rest of the group they are working with. Using materials foraged from their land in the Southern Highlands and any that students would like to bring to weave into their work, we will create, wall hangings, & sculpture that bring nature into our lives, hearts and homes. For images please see below. For more information on Penny and her work please visit: