Natural Dye & Stitch

NATURAL DYE AND STITCH (Improv patchwork and freeform stitching)

Working with a collection of naturally dyed fabrics, enjoy a meditative morning of artful composition and stitching. Play with colour, texture and stitches to create and personalise your own creative project such as a cushion cover, art piece (total fabric approx. 70 x 50cm). Alternatively you may choose to make smaller compositions to be used later eg patches for visible mending, or cover a tote bag (included in your fabric pack) We will also dye some silk using Australian native plants and a variety of techniques including eco printing. You will be able to add this to your projects.

This workshop focuses on slow craft as a means of relaxation and creative exploration. Enjoy the gentle rhythm of slow hand stitching and its meditative benefits. You can choose to create a simple visually striking piece or if you’d like to include some elaborate stitching to create texture. The applications are endless. Draw from plenty of inspirational techniques and focus on creative exploration.

Workshop includes irresistible treats and tea, dyes and all curated dyed and undyed fabrics.

Tutor: Karen Tam

Karen completed 2 years study at Fashion Design Studio, Sydney TAFE, in Textile Design and Development. She currently operates her own arts practice from home experimenting with dyes, and print/pattern techniques also creating a limited range of accessories and homewares. Karen focuses on using natural and traditional dye techniques in a contemporary way, and incorporates both organic and natural fibres such as hemp, cotton and linen. She has lived in Lane Cove for 15 years and is proud to be a local artist active in the community. She has exhibited at ATASDA and more recently in a solo exhibition at Gallery Lane Cove. A selection of her products can be found at Gallery Lane Cove and also at various markets through the year. Through her workshops she aims to share her passion for dyeing to others, and concentrates on using simple, natural methods of dyeing with little or no chemicals, preferring soy milk and other traditional ingredients. Her dye methods are a combination of tertiary foundations, self taught and research and further skills taught by various accomplished dyers such as Aboubakar Fofana, and Jane Callender.