‘Paint a Masterpiece’ - Drawing and Painting for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to paint a masterpiece but no idea where to start? Be guided through a simple step by step method in how to draw and paint a work of art. Over 2 days ( Day 1 is all about drawing and Day 2 is all about Painting) learn to plan, place and complete a drawing and then return for the painting process. This course gives a simple step by step method in how to draw and paint a work of art.

Learn to -

1 Plan a drawing

2 Place a drawing

3 Structure a drawing

4 Draw simple shapes

5 Draw tones

6 Use light and shade

7 Finish a drawing

8 Mix paint

9 Block in

10 Paint light - shade

11 Finish a painting

Materials List

Pencil 2b, rubber, sharpener, A3 cartridge paper pad,  bristle brushes number 4,6, Acrylic paint yellow, red, blue, black and white, water container, rag, palette.

Tutor: Paul Kemp

Paul Kemp has studied visual art at St George Technical College, East Sydney Technical College (National Art School) and has a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Art) from the University of Newcastle. He is a practicing artist working in his open studio at the Headland Park Art Precinct, Mosman. Paul has exhibited in private and public galleries for 38years and has taught adult art classes for 22years; including 11 years as a full-time drawing/painting teacher with various Institutes of TAFE.