Calligraphy: Modern Pointed Pen

This modern hand finds its foundations in the formal Copperplate Script. It is a more contemporary free script suitable for many applications such as invitations, cards and artwork. This course is designed to introduce people to the Art of Calligraphy, its rich history and an understanding of the development of our Modern Alphabet. The workshop will focus on the Modern Pointed Pen Script. This modern hand finds it foundations in the more formal Copperplate Script. We will start with gaining an understanding of working with a pointed nib and ink, continuing to refine our calligraphic technique by focusing on letter construction, spacing and individual style. This script is a more contemporary one suitable for may applications such as invitations, cards and artwork. The course is designed for beginners.

Tutor: Sharon Baker

Sharon graduated with a Diploma in Western Calligraphy, Certificate IV in Illuminated Calligraphy, Historical Calligraphy, and Commercial Italic all completed at Macquarie Community College 1997-2000. Sharon is workshop coordinator for the Australian Society of Calligraphers 2013 to current. Responsible for organising workshops with international, interstate, and local tutors. Her teaching experience is wide and varied , teaching all levels of students as well as successfully designed, developed and conducted workshops for children since 2001 . Sharon’s class and workshop content ranges from historical scripts to contemporary adaptation, gilding, book binding, colour and layout and design. She has studied and attended workshops with Denis Brown,Carl Rohrs, Massimo Polello, Gemma Black, Olive Bull and Rachel Yallop.