Calligraphy for Beginners - Uncial Hand

Sharon Baker introduces you to the Art of Calligraphy, its rich history and the development of our Modern Alphabet. 

This workshop will focus on the Uncial hand and its origins in the the 4th to 8th centuries AD, used by Latin and Greek scribes. 

We will start with gaining an understanding of working with a chisel shaped nib continuing to refine our calligraphic technique by focusing on letter construction, pen angles and spacial awareness.

This course is designed for beginners.

Course Outline 

·Introduction to writing with a chisel shaped nib by creating pen patterns. 

·Introduction to the Uncial hand, its style, letter construction and characteristics.

·We will continue to study letter form and spacing and further refine our skills.

· Introduction to simple Celtic designs.

·The introduction of colour, layout and design skills.

Planned Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

·Write with a chisel shaped nib

·Construct letters and numerals of Uncial hand.

·Achieve spacial awareness

·Achieve analytical skills for letter form and shape

·Achieve basic Celtic designs

·Achieve an understanding of layout and design skills

Images of works by Shas Baker, Albrecht Clauss, Sabine Pfeiffer, and The Postmans Knock.

Tutor: Sharon Baker

Sharon has been teaching in adult education for twenty years at various Community Colleges. She is a qualified teacher with a Diploma in Western Calligraphy, Certificate IV in Illuminated Calligraphy, Commercial Italic and Historical Calligraphy. Her teaching experience is wide and varied, teaching beginners to advanced students. Sharon offers classes and workshops ranging from historical scripts to contemporary adaptation, gilding, colour and layout and design techniques. She has developed and run school holiday workshops for children introducing them to the art of calligraphy and its many benefits. Sharon has studied with many international tutors and is currently the workshop coordinator for the Australian Society of Calligraphers. She has a comprehensive background in design and layout, water colour painting, Botanical Art and Chinese Brush painting. Her love of Calligraphy and its history makes her passionate about what she teaches to all.