Relaxation Sound Bath and Sound Healing

This session will help you to release stress, anxiety and emotions from our body and mind. 

Stress is one of the major contributors to disease and health problems. Immersion in sound can alleviate stress and help with energy levels and restore health to body, mind and soul.

Every form has a unique vibrational frequency. Through the use of sound as harmonic resonance, coupled with focused intent and positive beliefs, it is possible to alter the vibrational properties of cells and facilitate our natural healing potential to create a harmonious state of peace, harmony and wellness.

Experience this sound healing event that honours and aligns you with vibrations of sound, with Heather Crowe. We will consciously apply techniques of healing based on the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) and (Body, Emotions, Mind, Soul and Spirit). The process will integrate ancient wisdom, modern science, musicality and the art-alchemy of healing.

The session will start/end in seated position as we setup/close sacred space with mantra chanting to align with the vibration and set healing intention and spiritual protection. Most of the session will be lying down in a comfortable position with a guided meditation, sacred sounds that incorporates a multitude of sound instruments including: Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, gongs, crystal singing bowls, chimes and Drum. During this time, we will co-create resonance and a deep relaxation response may be experienced. During the sound bath depending on the intention, you they may experience a release of suppressed emotions, transform resistance, reform new patterns of health and wellness. Heather will create space and time using the sound of silence for reflection of the healing experience.

You may also experience:

  • Balance and harmony
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Increased vitality and energy
  • Enhancement of creativity
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Greater health and wellbeing

NOTE: Not Suitable for Sound Induced Epilepsy

Materials List

You will need bring a soft mat or towel, and may like to bring a pillow, blanket and eye pillow. Water (hydrate well on the day of the sound bath), An intention and an Open Mind to embrace the mystery, grace and the unknown. Your favourite crystals (optional).

Join Heather under the Comic Energies for this magical evening of intentional healing - let yourself restore and recharge.

Tutor: Heather Crowe

Heather Crowe is a gifted and intuitive Sound Healer, Light Worker, Mystic, Teacher and Nature Lover.  “I believe that every being has an innate ability to heal themselves with the help

of a positive intention, beliefs and the power of healing sounds.”

Heather offers her skills in sound healing for health and wellbeing.  She is certified with a Diploma in Integral Sound Healing from the Sound Healing Academy, UK

She has studied at an advanced level and is extremely proficient in various therapeutic protocols and techniques including Reiki I and Reiki II, Certificate of Merit for Medical Intuition, Seduction of Spirit and the 7 Spiritual Laws with Deepak Chopra, Certified in Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls Level 1 with Sound Healing Academy, UK, Studied Andean Shamanic Rituals to Synchronize your path with the Cosmos with Puma Freddy Quispe Singona, Studied the Flute as Sound Medicine for Self-Expression, Transformation and Healing with Christine Stevens, Studied Sound Healing Alchemy to Transmute Difficult Emotions using Tunning Forks with Eileen Mckusick, Awaken your Rhythm Drumming to Liberate Self Expression, Deepen Spirituality and Boost Wellbeing with Christine Stevens. Your Energy Codes of Healing and Manifestation Awaken the Spiritual Healer within and Discover Intuitive Mastery with Dr Sue Morter, Shamanic Journeying- Opening to Love, Beauty, and Wisdom through Sacred Ceremony and Community with Sandra Ingerman 

Heather has also undergone extensive training in yoga with Diploma in Yoga level 2 with Satyananda, Diploma in Hatha yoga, Studied Yoga Therapeutics, Kundalini yoga Level 1, 200Hr Power Living Flow Yoga Teacher training, 50 Hr Yin Yoga teacher Training with Bernie Clarke and Diana Batts, 60 Hr Yin Yoga teacher training with Sarah Powers

Heather is also an accomplished and Certified Pilates teacher. 

She is the Director of Health Conscious Personal Training since 2003 specializing in Yoga, Pilates and personal Training to individuals and small groups in the Lower North Shore and surrounding Suburbs.

For enquiries for Sound Healing 1on1, small groups, schools, and corporates contact Heather at

(See NSCC website for Yoga, Pilates and Stretch n Strength and Sound Healing classes)