5 Myths of Back Pain Webinar with Kieser Cammeray

Back pain is a huge problem in Australia - it affects 80% of us at some stage in our lifetime! 

Back pain can then inhibit muscle activation and cause us to modify our movement patterns and posture to avoid painful positions. This causes the important stabilising muscles to begin to weaken and atrophy, which can lead to back spasms and pain. It is this weakness that leaves us more susceptible to suffering recurring episodes of back pain and eventually chronic pain in what is known as the "cycle of deconditioning". 

It can be hard to know the right way to manage back pain with all of the options and opinions available out there. Where to even begin?!  If you've got back pain, or want to avoid back pain, then this presentation is for you. 

Tutor: Gill Bechard

Gill is a physiotherapist at Kieser Cammeray. She enjoys working with a variety of injuries and populations. She has a passion for helping her clients return to the activities that bring them joy and drive them! At Kieser, she has really enjoyed seeing the results strength training can provide to her clients.