A Tale of 2 Strengths: FREE Community Talk with Kieser Physiotherapy

Osteoporosis is a loss of bone density – which weakens bones and increases the risk of fracture. 

In this workshop, delivered for free by Kieser Cammeray, attendees will receive information specifically geared towards strength training and osteoporosis. Our interactive component will assess balance and functional strength measures as appropriate. 

Evidence suggests the most effective treatment for osteoporosis is a combination of progressive resistance training, load bearing exercises and balance. Participating in a structured exercise program prescribed by an accredited exercise physiologist can minimise the risks involved with increasing load bearing repetition. 

 Strength training is a strong recommendation for osteoporosis as it applies a controlled force to the bones. In response to these essential changing stimuli, the bone will lay down new bone to increase density/ assist to prevent further bone loss. 

Strength Training at Kieser is beneficial for clients with Osteoporosis as we have a multi-faceted approach in a safe, controlled environment, supervised by an Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist. The specialised strength training equipment at Kieser can address bone loss in specific areas (ie low back or hip). 

This presentation is part of a programme of free talks presented by local businesses and services to provide information to the NSCC community. 

These talks are provided free of charge by both NSCC and the presenter, however, due to the restricted space available, and to discourage ‘no shows’ there is a $5 fee to reserve your place in the class. Proceeds from this fee will be donated to a different charity each term. This fee is not intended to limit access to the talks, so if you are not able to pay, please call the Centre and talk to our staff.

Please note when booking into this presentation: NSCC will share your contact name and email address with the partnered presenter for them to follow up with further information about the services they offer. We will not share your information with any other third party, and you can opt out of receiving marketing information by contacting the presenter directly (see their contact details in presenter information).

Presenter: Gill Bechard

Gill is a physiotherapist at Kieser Cammeray. She enjoys working with a variety of injuries and populations. She has a passion for helping her clients return to the activities that bring them joy and drive them! At Kieser, she has really enjoyed seeing the results strength training can provide to her clients.