Italian Language

NSCC offers a comprehensive programme of language classes at different levels: We endeavour to find the right level of class to meet individual student needs. 

Please note class levels are subject to change depending on enrolment numbers and student abilities within each class. Students moving to a new level may need to change the day of their attendance. For repeat students, please ask your teacher for advice when re-enrolling about a suitable class for your level. For new students, please contact us to discuss further your level of experience. We look forward to finding the right class for you! 

  • Level 1: Beginners - New students undertake 1-2 terms at this level, before transferring to a class at the next level (always check our website for class times)
  • Level 2: Beginners Next Step - Having learnt the basics, students undertake a further 1-2 terms in a Beginners’ Next Step class, before moving on to Intermediate (class times may vary)
  • Level 3: Intermediate (and Intermediate Next Step) - For students who have completed 2-4 terms / 32-64 hours or equivalent of study, and are ready to move on to more complex and variable language use. Students would generally study at this level for another 2-4 terms before being ready to join a conversation class. 
  • Level 4: Advanced - Once Intermediate students are comfortable with the language, Advanced classes further expand your knowledge and immerse you in a variety of contexts in which you might use the language.
  • Conversation Classes - Once students are generally confident with a language, conversation classes allow guided ‘practice’ with your tutor and other students and the opportunity to deepen your experience and knowledge of the contextual use of the language through various discussions.