Terms and Conditions



Unless otherwise stated, students must be over 18 years of age to enrol.

How to enrol in a course

Enrolments can be made online through our website www.northsydneycentre.com.au in person or over the phone, please call 9922 2299. Office hours are Mon – Fri 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Payment of the course fee

All enrolments must be made and paid in advance. Your enrolment is not complete and you are not entitled to attend a class until you have paid the fee. You may pay by EFTPOS, Credit Card (Visa or Master Card) cheque or money order payable to North Sydney Community Centre Inc. A limited number of concessions (25%) are available for full time students and pension or healthcare cardholders. Evidence of your eligibility must be produced when you enrol. Not all classes offer a concession rate.

Confirmation of payment

A confirmation email with the payment receipt and our Refund & Transfers Policy will be sent to your email address. If you do not receive this email please contact the centre to confirm your enrolment.

Credit cards

All payments for North Sydney Community Centre's online enrolment system are made through ANZ's eGate system. Payments are processed directly via the ANZ secure payment gateway. No credit card information is entered, processed or stored on our website, nor is the information transmitted between our website and ANZ eGate personally identifiable.

Changes and cancellations to courses

NSCC reserves the right to offer or withdraw any course, alter the times or the dates for the whole or part of the course and offer a course with a different tutor should the advertised tutor become unavailable.

If any of these course changes become necessary you will be advised of the alternative arrangements or details.

All courses require minimum numbers to go ahead. We leave the decision to cancel a course until approx 48 hours prior to the course commencement date in order to maximise the chances of reaching the numbers.

You will be notified by email if a course has been cancelled, please ensure you provide a valid email address and contact details when you enrol. In the case of a course cancellation your course fee will be refunded in full or a credit note will be provided and must be used before the end of the following term. Credit notes cannot be redeemed for cash.

A reminder is not always sent before classes start, please do not rely on this; it is up to the student to organise their availability for the start date of his/her class. 


Please confirm course is proceeding before purchasing any requested materials.

Refunds and Transfers Policy

A refund of all or part of the fee may be available in the following circumstances:

  • You have overpaid the course fee.
  • You enrolled in a course that has been cancelled.
  • You formally advise the office, at least five (5) working days prior to the commencement of your course.

A $20 administration fee will apply to process your refund. We do not accept responsibility for changes to your personal circumstances or work commitments, which may occur after you have enrolled.

You may choose to transfer to another course providing there is a space available. Transfers do not incur an administration fee.

We are not able to offer make up classes.

Should government social distancing regulations change, and capacity of the class/our venue become less, resulting in a restriction in numbers, the last people enrolled will be refunded pro rata based on the classes attended.

Privacy Policy

The collection, storage, use and disclosure of any personal information you provide is protected under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

Information collected by North Sydney Community Centre during a student’s enrolment and attendance will be used for the purposes of general student administration, identification, communication and internal surveys. Student information will be held securely and disposed of securely when no longer needed. Personal details are not released to unauthorised persons or organisations.

Collection of Student Profiles

Student information such as age, gender and occupation is gathered only to build a profile of students and to improve classes at the Centre. This information is collected on a voluntary basis, and used only for aggregate and profiling purposes.

Email Marketing

The Centre may send information via post or email to students and past students for the purpose of marketing. Students may at any time request that all such marketing cease. All requests will be promptly complied with. To unsubscribe from the e-newsletter click on the unsubscribe link, or advise the office.

Secondary Marketing

North Sydney Community Centre does not allow for the use of student information for any secondary marketing not related to the Centre and will not pass on details under any circumstances.

Pack up & Clean Up

All students enrolling in on-site classes are required to assist the tutor with post-class cleaning of ‘contact points’ including floor, door handles, taps, and equipment used. This is a precautionary measure taken to protect our most vulnerable during COVID-19.


Students will need to bring their own equipment as shared equipment will not available at NSCC during the pandemic. Equipment and material expectations are outlined in each course description, but please contact us if you aren’t sure.


NSCC is taking the threat of COVID-19 very seriously, and many of our community members are vulnerable. It is therefore vital that everyone in our community works together to protect our most vulnerable by observing and safely carrying out all the precautionary measures available to us. We will retain and continue to put in place safety measures against COVID-19, in accordance with NSW Health advice, restrictions and public health orders.

At this time the Centre’s Covid policy requires anyone (16yrs+) who comes to the Centre be double vaccinated.


We thank you in advance for maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene practices while at the Centre. Our class numbers have been reduced to ensure social distancing within classrooms. 

Hand sanitiser dispensers are available at each entrance to the Centre and in the hallways and some rooms for frequent use. Soap and hand washing facilities are available in the bathrooms. 

Please feel free to wear a mask while inside the Centre.

If you feel unwell, please do not attend the Centre.


At the conclusion of each class tutors and students are requested to wipe down tables, chairs and equipment and surfaces used with the supplied disinfectant spray and wipes. A checklist is provided with instructions. NSCC staff also clean high traffic areas (hallway and bathroom surfaces) throughout the day. The Centre is cleaned thoroughly every evening after classes by our professional cleaner, who has undertaken COVID-19 training.

Terms and Conditions for Explorers Playgroup at NSCC

Playgroup is an opportunity for families to come together in their community, play, make friends and establish supportive connections. Every family can find a place to belong at playgroup. 

Playgroup provides informal opportunities to come together to play and to socialise with the other families. In order to provide this service enabling Playgroup to run smoothly and to ensure everyone is aware of general expectation we have developed the following policies 

Inclusion and non-discrimination 

All children and families are welcome at Playgroup. Playgroup does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, disability, religion, sexuality or gender identity. All children and adults who attend playgroup will be treated with respect and dignity. 

We do our best to provide an inclusive child lead play environment for 0 – 5 year olds. 


If you notify us of your cancellation at least 24 hours before the session, we can transfer/refund your booking.

Welcoming new members 

New members are important to ensure a playgroup continues to grow and thrive. Our wonderful staff are responsible to help make new families feel welcomed and included. To help people feel welcome, greet new members and help them settle their child into playgroup. 


All playgroups, playgroup venues and the surrounding areas are smoke-free environments. Please do not light up at playgroup. 

Hot Drinks 

Scalding can be a serious problem if babies and young children are exposed to hot liquids like tea and coffee. Hot drinks should only served in safe, insulated and securely lidded containers or limited to an area where children are not allowed, for example the kitchen. 

Swearing and offensive language 

Children learn behaviours by watching their parents and carers and often repeat what they hear and see. Please use respectful language at playgroup and refrain from using swearing and offensive language, even when talking with another adult. 

Disciplining Children 

Research has found that children respond to positive reinforcement far better than negative actions. Never strike a child or children in your care, and never attempt to discipline someone else’s child. 

If you notice behaviour that you are concerned about, have a quiet word with the parent in a non-judgmental, supportive manner. Remember your child may come to someone else’s attention at another time. 

If you think a child is at risk of harm from abuse or neglect, contact the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111. 

Supervision of Children 

The parent or carer who brings a child to playgroup is responsible for supervising children in their care while at playgroup. 

Where a parent/carer cannot keep a child in their direct line of sight (eg while feeding a baby or accompanying another child to the bathroom), seek support from another adult/staff person to make sure their child has an adult who is aware of their wellbeing and safety. 

Baby Corner 

Babies are small and some new parents may worry that boisterous and active older children may inadvertently injure their child. A dedicated baby corner where parents/carers with babies can interact with each other away from the older children. Playgroup can be certified as baby friendly.