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Explorers Playgroup - Casual Staff

North Sydney Community Centre is a not for profit, community based and managed organisation. 

North Sydney Community Centre’s Explorer's Playgroup provides creative play sessions for Under 5s, spread across three light-filled rooms and a beautiful playground. Explorer’s Playgroup is open Monday – Thursdays 10am-12.30pm and attracts 60-100 children each morning, accompanied by parents, grandparents, and carers. Experienced play leaders set up a wide range of activities to suit the needs of children, with an emphasis on child-initiated play supervised by a parent or carer in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Each session there is team of one playgroup coordinator, one assistant coordinator, two playgroup assistants and a small group of volunteers.

Shifts are 9am - 2pm 

Hourly rate: $24.92 per hour

We are looking for casuals to start in TERM 1, 2020. 

As part of the Playgroup team this role requires you to work harmoniously and respectfully as part of a small group of playgroup staff, the community of playgroup members, and staff of North Sydney Community Centre. The applicant needs to have a range of qualities in order to be able to fulfil this diverse, fun and demanding role. In addition to the key attributes listed below, the successful applicant must have a love of children and a desire to interact with people of all ages and nationalities.


You must be creative! You will need to demonstrate creativity in setting up activities appropriate to a range of age groups. You must have a willingness to lead a singing and reading session with children. There are indoor and outdoor activities such as painting and collage, puzzles and play dough, water & sand play, group singing & music, reading time, dramatic play and fine motor skills activities.


Attending a playgroup gives parents the opportunity to meet others who are experiencing similar joys, frustrations and challenges allowing them to form lifelong friendships and support.

Our playgroup assistants are welcoming and compassionate. You must have the ability and desire to interact with a broad cross section of the community.

Physically fit

You must be physically fit and strong, with enough stamina to be active throughout the day. Many of the activities require some physical effort, for example carrying easels, moving cars, carrying items, moving tables and chairs, sweeping, cleaning and standing for 5 hours.


You need to be flexible and adaptable to a changing environment as the pace of work varies during the day and depending on the age of children. The nature of the casual drop-In arrangement means you need to be prepared for fluctuating numbers of children.


Whilst playgroup is lots of fun there is a well-established schedule for ensuring the day runs smoothly. This enables all activities to be ready when kids arrive, and for staff to leave on time after pack up. Playgroup is packed up at the end of each session to allow After School Care to take place and all rooms are left clean and tidy. You must have the ability to prioritise and multi-task.


Playgroup relies on good communication between all part-time coordinators and staff, as well as playgroup members and Centre staff. You must be sensitive to staff and volunteers with Special Needs. Conflict resolution skills are occasionally required to manage issues that may arise between children and parents.

Indicators of effective performance

  • positive relationship with playgroup and centre staff
  • positive feedback from parents 
  • engagement and interaction with children and parents
  • smooth and efficient running of playgroup 

Knowledge, skills and experience required 

  • demonstrated ability to work both independently as well as harmoniously as part of a team 
  • capacity to engage and communicate with people across all ages, cultural and socio economic backgrounds or with a physical or intellectual disability 
  • ability to conduct playgroup activities, singalong and storytime, with parents and carers in attendance 
  • highly developed relationship building and interpersonal skills 
  • manage sign in table and process registrations and payments 
  • language and confidence to meet and greet playgroup participants professionally


  • First Aid Certificate 
  • ability to play an instrument

Please email your CV and a cover letter to Michelle Worthley, Playgroup Coordinator 


Location: North Sydney Community Centre, 220 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060.

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