Pop Up Art Exhibition is an ongoing community project for North Sydney Community Centre (NSCC).

This exhibition was previously known as ‘Changeable Art’. The Centre is looking for a relevant and up to date format to showcase local and regional artists. There are more and more pop up spaces around the community and online galleries, replacing the traditional gallery. A greater audience now get to see and buy direct from the artist and pick up great deals.

Visitors can immerse themselves in a diverse selection of work and subject matter. They will meet the artists and discuss the art. Also we encourage you to come with an appetite for freshly brewed coffee and a scrumptious breakfast and at Northside Produce Market.

There is a special ‘Opening Night’ on the Friday before.
6:30-8:30pm. Everyone’s welcome!

‘This Pop up exhibition provides an accessible platform for emerging artists to introduce their works to the community and in turn, bring art closer to the public,” says Joanna Jouin, NSCC Director.

For more information on exhibitions click here.

This event is also a fundraiser for the Community Centre. There is a 30% commission to help retain our not-for-profit organisation.

‘Pop Up Art Exhibition’ is held from 8am-3pm at North Sydney Community Centre or further information please call 9922 2299 or email social@northsydneycentre.com.au.


Jennifer O'Young, Printmaker

I was so impressed with the professional way that the whole
process unfolded. The flyer was beautiful. The room was bright and airy. The easels gave the display an authentic charm. You were so friendly and helpful. Yes, we made sure that we were well organized, but it worked so well because of what the 'Changeable Art' program offers. We feel encouraged to keep going in following our passion.

Debra Phillips, Painter

There have been so many positive results from the one-day exhibition – it provided a catalyst for my desire to develop a much stronger profile for my artwork. In any of the arts it is difficult to get a break through into the commercial market. This is what happened for me with Changeable Art. I now know the general public are interested in my work. Although I can’t give up the day job yet, I still imagine there will be a day when this can happen.
 The project of Changeable Art is a wonderful initiative and complements the other art-based projects of North Sydney Community Centre.

Samantha Van Stralendorff, Painter

The opportunity to use the Changeable Art space is FANTASTIC.
I hadn’t exhibited a great deal before, only a handful of times. I had been painting up a storm and was shy about sharing what I’d done with anyone.
Without a huge commitment of paying for a space, I was able to share my art. It was a huge boost of confidence. Lots of people viewed my work and I received great feedback.
It was nice to know when people purchased a piece, part of that money went back to the Centre, so it was a win-win for everyone, without any upfront costs. The space drew in strangers, as well and friends and family, who purchased art. It made me feel like a million dollars and I was so glad to be sharing art with people who loved it too. An additional benefit was that acquaintances I’d made in the art world came along and through connecting with them I was able to hold future exhibitions.
It was a great step up to get what I’ve been doing out on show.