Is Australia's Democracy Healthy?

25 January 2019,

A conversation with Senator Kristina Keneally and Professor Andrew Jakubowicz, moderated by Quentin Dempster.

Is AustraliaŹ¼s Democracy Healthy?

In the era of Trump and the rise of the oligarchs across the world, is AustraliaŹ¼s democracy vulnerable to an oligarch, if not, why? Is Australia really a classless society? After decades of economic prosperity, is there greater income disparity now than in 1945? How does this impact on the health of our democracy? How do we treat minorities? How do we treat our First Nations people?

A stimulating discussion about the health of our democracy with a Panel of Senator Kristina Keneally and Professor Andrew Jakubowicz with Moderator Quentin Dempster. 

Guests were welcomed by Genia McCaffery, President of the North Sydney Community Centre Committee of Management, and previous Independent Mayor of North Sydney.

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