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31 May 2020,

Chair Fitness:
A low impact, non choreographed workout alternative to the conventional standing workouts. Stay seated for the duration of the class and move your upper and lower body aerobically to music.

Body Conditioning: 
Total Body Conditioning is a music based, no equipment, standing and mat based, low impact muscle toning class. Use your own body weight to help burn fat, build strength, increase endurance, reshape and improve muscle mass.

Changes Over 50:
Designed for the Over 50’s. Perfect for beginners. individuals returning to fitness, or Individuals wanting to continue a active lifestyle, but at a lower intensity pace. A fun, music based, low impact exercise class.

Staying Young & Active:
This class is suited for the over 50’s and all fitness levels are welcome. A low impact aerobic exercise class. This class also contains a strength training component.

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