Podcasts 2016 & 2017

13 June 2017 - 5 March 2016, 9:00am-6:00pm

Jean Kittson - MC Jean Kittson is a performer and scriptwriter for stage, television, radio, magazines and newspapers. Jean has been a regular columnist with numerous publications and is the author of Tongue Lashing and You’re Still Hot To Me. She is a regular guest on ABC 702 radio drive programme, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. Jean is the Patron of Palliative Care Nurses Australia.

Petrea King is the Founding Director and CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation. She is the author of eight best-selling books including ‘Quest for Life’ and ‘Your Life Matters’ and has recorded a dozen meditation CDs. Petrea provides a practical and spiritual perspective in the challenging arenas of life including facing mortality, grief, loss and trauma. She makes the invisible world accessible and is able to shed light and wisdom on living a meaningful life in the midst of difficult circumstances. 

Barbara Sweeney is a Sydney-based writer and interviewer. While her primary interest is in writing about food, she has always been drawn to stories about life, the way we live it – and death. The experience of organising her mother’s funeral with her siblings was life changing as it precipitated many personal questions previously unasked and unanswered. Barbara’s work appears in major national publications.

Shayne Higson is spokesperson and stakeholder liaison for Go Gentle Australia and the director of Dying With Dignity (NSW). Although she has always believed in the principle of dying with dignity, it was following the death of her mother in late 2012 from an aggressive brain cancer that Shayne became passionate and vocal about the need for law reform. Shayne was the driving force behind the registration of the first state branch of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party in early 2014 and its State Convenor until July 2016. Shayne is dedicated to providing a voice for the thousands of families and carers who have watched loved ones suffer unnecessarily at the end of their terminal illness. 

Nikki Gemmell is the best-selling author of thirteen novels, including the international bestseller, The Bride Stripped Bare, and four works of non-fiction. Her books have been translated in 22 languages. Her new book, After, Harper Collins Australia, is a fiercely brave, poignant and powerful memoir which Nikki has written in an attempt to understand the ‘death of choice’ of her mother.

Sarah Macdonald is a broadcaster, writer and presenter. She presents ‘Weekend Nightlife’ on 702 ABC Radio and Nationally around Australia. She also co-hosts ‘The Full Catastrophe’ at Giant Dwarf, writes for ABC Online and various other publications and conducts training and presenting at UNSW. Her best selling book ‘Holy Cow’ An Indian Adventure has been translated into six languages and is in development for a TV Series.

Linda Hansen is the Executive Director of Palliative Care NSW, and she has worked as a consultant for Palliative Care Australia, and Carers Australia. Linda has been completely seduced by Palliative Care and has a passion for improving access to quality care for everyone. She often jokes that once you’re in palliative care – you’re in for good! Her current focus is on community capacity building and building compassionate cities around end of life care. 

Mary Bryant has worked as a social worker, lecturer and counsellor for thirty years. Mary is currently the Manager of Pastoral Care at a leading hospital in Sydney. In her work she supports people who have been diagnosed with cancer, who are experiencing significant health challenges and who are dying. Mary is passionate about normalising reactions to grief which are too often misdiagnosed as anxiety disorders. She believes the human spirit is capable of extraordinary things when it is supported to be its truest self. 

Jackie Dent is a journalist. She has worked internationally and locally for a range of media outlets and was a spokesperson for the United Nations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Ossetia and South Sudan. She has also curated talks for Tedx Sydney and the Ethics Centre.

Zenith Virago Deathwalker, has spent the past 20 years working with death and dying, she has supported individuals and their family and friends in the preparation & integration of the dying process including giving practical, legal and spiritual care and holding funeral ceremonies. She delves deeply into the sacred mystery that is life, love and death. Zen is the founder of the Natural Death Care Centre, and co-author of The Intimacy of Death & Dying. She is also the subject of the 2015 Zen documentary and the Art of Dying. 

Jenny Briscoe-Hough is the driving force behind Tender Funerals and she brings decades of service in the community development field to her multi-faceted role as Director, General Manager and family liaison contact. She has had extensive training and experience in all aspects of death advocacy, body care, ceremonial and funeral advice. She is a Member of Natural Death Care Centre and Coordinator of Port Kembla Community Centre. 

Caroline Baum is a respected journalist and broadcaster and the author of ONLY: A Singular memoir (Allen &Unwin). Her writing has been published in major national publications as well as in two anthologies: My Mother, My Father: On Losing a Parent and Rebellious Daughters. In 2015 she was awarded the Hazel Rowley Fellowship for biography.

Tracey Deep in conversation with Amber Creswell-Bell

Sally Campbell in conversation with Victoria Alexander

Fiona Katauskas in conversation with Sarah Macdonald

Emma Magenta in conversation with Cynthia Sciberras

Shannon Sheedy in conversation with Natalie Walton

Nadeena Dixon in conversation with Kristina Karasulas

Secret Garden INTRO

Secret Garden TALK

Secret Garden Song

Shona appears in conversation with Katherine Roberts, Senior Curator, Manly Art Gallery

Sculptor Shona Wilson makes works that draw our attention to the small, detailed, even microscopic, aspects of our world. Using found, natural materials such as leaves, twigs, rocks, insect wings and bone to construct intricate assemblages, Shona sends a powerful message about beauty and where we find it. For Shona, it’s found in nature and the natural world is her muse. The power of her very personal Instagram ‘One A Day’ series – “One ephemeral artwork a day for one year, rain or shine, tired or inspired, 5 minutes or 50, a daily practice” – spread like wildfire and grew into a series of workshops, an exhibition and a book. shonawilson.com

Julie and Karen appear in conversation Tanya Buchanan, Editor, Belle

In the world of architecture and interiors publishing Karen McCartney’s name is writ large. She made her Australian splash, direct from the UK, as editor of marie claire lifestyle and the launch editor and editor for 10 years of Inside Out. Karen went on to hold the senior position of editorial director at NewsCorp and, more recently, with online retailer Temple & Webster. She is author of two architecture books – Iconic Australian Houses (Murdoch Books) and Superhouse (Penguin), which were translated into successful exhibitions, as well as an interiors tome, Perfect Imperfect (Murdoch Books). Karen also writes an architecture column for Belle.

Julie Paterson sketches her breakfast, the view out the window, dogs. If it’s not a sketchbook and pencil in her hand, it’s fabric and a sewing machine. A walk in the bush near her home and creative studio in the Blue Mountains is fuel for her creative fire. Her career, as textile designer and founder of ClothFabric 20 years ago, is chronicled in her book, Clothbound (Murdoch Books). Think raw, earthy designs reproduced on soft, supple, natural fabrics by hand, the old-fashioned way. Her favourite colour is Old Lady Red. juliepaterson.com.au

Harriet appears in conversation with Victoria Carey, Editor-in-Chief, Country Style

NSW regional artist Harriet Goodall harvests plant materials from the bush, coastal gardens and beaches and salvages rusted and decaying farm materials for her sculptural woven works. Her aesthetic was profoundly influenced by her country childhood and her creations reference the ephemeral beauty of nature. Harriet’s basket weaving classes are much more than a lesson in how to weave; they are circles where connections are made and stories told. On Instagram, Harriet collects followers from all over the world. harrietgoodall.com

Victoria appears in conversation with Carolyn Lockhart, previously Editor, Vogue Entertaining & Travel

Successful careers as a fashion editor for Vogue Australia and Cosmopolitan, art director, stylist and businesswoman (The Film Business, The Russell Hotel and The Bathers' Pavilion) preceded Victoria Alexander’s latest role as photographer and author. Since completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons.), Victoria has had three photographic-inspired books published. The books – One, Colour, and Real (all by Murdoch Books) – explore ways of living a more balanced life and being authentic. In her spare time, Victoria is a children's guide at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. victoriaalexander.com.au

Liane appears in conversation with Jess Scully , director Vivid Ideas and a TEDxSydney curator

As co-founder of Dinosaur Designs artist and designer Liane Rossler was, in part, responsible for raising this city’s design consciousness. Today, she’s at the coalface again, promoting sustainable design products and solutions with her collaborative project Supercyclers, curating art projects; and, in another collaboration called Happy Talk, bringing people and ideas together through design projects, workshops and talks. Her current project is superlocalstudio, a space designed for creative thought and practice. Liane contributes to the design community in a range of mentoring, advisory and ambassadorial roles. lianerossler.com.au

Kara appears in conversation with Barbara Sweeney, journalist and founder of Food & Words   

If you ever need someone with a dazzling kilowatt smile guaranteed to light up a room, then Kara Rosenlund is your woman. It’s her secret weapon. And possibly why so many people opened their hearts and homes to her when she travelled around Australia in 2014 to capture, on camera, the way people live. Really live. The evocative images that document her travels appear in Shelter: How Australians Live (Lantern/Penguin). Kara is an Instagram phenomenon with more than 100K followers, an appreciative audience for her prodigious talent and photographic élan. kararosenlund.com

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