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Nuno (cloth in Japanese) Felt is a hybrid fabric made from fusing wool fibres with open weave/sheer fabric.

During the wet felting process the wool fibres migrate through the weave in the cloth and as the wool mats the shrinkage creates wonderful textures and patterns in the fabric. Nuno felted fabric can have a beautiful drape and is perfect for making scarves and wearables but can also have other applications, surface design, colour and texture to other felt projects.

Gill will guide you step by step through the process of making your own nuno-felted scarf, however, if you prefer to experiment with a more patchwork style Gill is happy to facilitate that. She will bring in a treasure trove of samples for you to get inspired by and take you through a few different ways you can work with these materials.

It’s the perfect technique to re-use old scarves/clothing, as long as they are open weave natural fibres, so feel free to bring along anything you think you may be able to incorporate into your piece.

People are often blown away by what they can achieve in a felting workshop, particularly the nuno felted one as the finished effects are so magical.

No special skills needed although it will require a modicum of mild repetitive action during part of the day.

You will take home a uniquely hand crafted nuno scarf or felt piece and all the information you need to continue your felting adventures at home. Notes included.

Materials List
  • An old towel, scissors and a waterproof/plastic bag to take your wet felt and towel home.
  • Optional: apron if you are worried about getting water on your clothes.
  • Optional: old scarves/clothes in muslin or silk to incorporate into your design


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Gill Brooks

About the tutor

Gill Brooks

Mad keen on textiles from an early age, Gill experimented with everything under the sun: dyeing, sewing, embroidery, knitting, rug-making, you name it. In 1994, she attended her first felt-making workshop and that was it. She had found her perfect medium and has been felting ever since. Over the years, Gill has attended many workshops, often with the who’s who of the international felting world, including Jorie Johnson, Marjolein Dalinga, Alexander Pillin and Jeanette Appleton. Gill has been teaching workshops since 2002 and has introduced hundreds to the joys of felt-making and the versatilities of handmade felt. Gill designs and makes one of a kind accessories which she sells through various handmade craft shop and galleries. Her work has been featured in a variety of magazines including Vogue Living and Home Beautiful. ‘I’m continuously inspired by this extra-ordinarily versatile medium, it’s wonderful properties and its amazing history. A never-ending world of possibilities. What’s not to love.’’

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