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Music & Movement

Enrolments are now open for Term 2

The Music & Movement Experience for Children

Integrated Approach: The program focuses on fostering children’s auditory, visual, and physical responses to music, cultivating multitasking skills crucial for instrumental playing.

Engaging Learning: Through listening, singing, and expressive movement, children explore rhythm and discover the wonders of sound using age-appropriate instruments.

Playful Experience: Classes are designed to be play-based and experiential, laying the foundation for a child’s innate understanding of music. This approach precedes the more task-oriented nature of instrumental learning.

Comprehensive Development: The program aims to provide a solid platform for a child’s comprehensive development, recognising the importance of well-rounded growth.

Endorsement: The program’s integrity is acknowledged by numerous families, including professional musicians, who have consistently enrolled their children over the years.

How to enrol
  • Fill out the Enrolment Form on the Bridges to Music website
  • After completion, please allow 3-5 days for Simona to reach out to you
  • Simona will then contact us to include you in the Music & Movement Enrolment List
  • Come and jois us for an enriching experience with 8 weekly classes

These joyful, playful and expressive Music and Movement classes for children have a proud history of successfully running since 1982 at the North Sydney Community Centre.

About Simona Green

Simona brings to the program an innate understanding of the teaching philosophies Bridges to Music refers to (Dalcroze, Kodaly, and Orff). She joined in 2012 and worked and trained with Jane Boyd (Bridges to Music founder and director for twenty-five years) before undertaking solo preschool classes.

Since 2013 Simona teaches music and movement for preschoolers at the NSCC and at the Sydney Conservatorium, and since 2022 at the ACO (Australian Chamber Orchestra)

Simona takes part in the Centre for Creativity program at the Sydney Opera House where she has regular music workshops for young children. Since 2020 she also gives workshops for graduates in Early Childhood Education at the Macquarie University.

Simona grew up in Italy, studying languages, flute and Baroque recorders and has a Bachelor of Music Theory from the Conservatorium Giuseppe Verdi in Turin.

She has regularly attended Dalcroze summer schools and workshops and understands the importance of movement as an integral component in early childhood music education.

Simona is a passionate and dedicated musician and has been studying the piano for the past 15 years, focusing on the classical repertoire and improvisation.

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