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Smartphone Photography

Course Overview

Love photography but don’t have the space to carry around a giant camera with you all the time?

That handy little smartphone can do the trick! This course teaches you how to get the best results from your smart phone’s built in camera and the numerous editing apps available. You’ll be learning techniques that make your snapshots stand out from the crowd, including photography principles such as lighting, composition and editing.

Bring along a smartphone with a built-in camera, wear comfortable shoes, and bring along wet weather gear, just in case.

Please note: While Zara strives to accommodate participants with older devices, it's important to note that older phones may have significantly fewer features. Zara welcomes all attendees to continue joining this workshop, and she will do her best to support them. 

Workshop Breakdown

Part 1: Your smartphone’s settings and camera options

Part 2: Composition

Part 3: Outdoor exploration putting everything into practice

Part 4: Retouching and editing options 


The students will receive a comprehensive breakdown on how their individual smartphone’s camera works, the best settings to utilise, and how to take creative control. They’ll also have a better understanding of some of the software that can aid in enhancing their new digital art.


"Zara was great, no question was too silly."

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