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Join us to learn Origami, the traditional Japanese Art form of folding paper!

Learn how to fold shapes of living flowers and animals, as well as boxes, cards, gift tags, objects, and more.

Origami isn't just enjoyable; it's a wonderful way to enhance your hand-eye coordination, sharpen your mental focus, and ignite your imagination.

Relax your mind, enjoy this traditional Japanese art, and let your creativity flow!

Did you know... 

Origami has its beginnings in Japanese and Chinese religious and elite circles, becoming more popular and widespread as paper became more widely available. Even in our technical, digital age, Origami continues to be celebrated for presenting possibilities in mathematics and physics, influencing engineering, architecture, sculpture, fashion, and offering immense mental and physical benefits through this deceptively simple technique of folding paper with the hands. Origami remains a complex and varied art form—a challenge as well as a relaxation.


‘It was wonderful spending time with Sayoko; she is so gentle in her teaching. Focusing on origami took me away from the everyday thoughts, lovely!’

‘I really enjoyed the origami workshop. Sayoko was very experienced and brought all the necessary materials, generously distributing papers. With a small class, she could provide a lot of individual attention. In typical Japanese fashion, she had a thank you gift for each of us!’"





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Sayoko Burton

About the tutor

Sayoko Burton

Sayoko Burton has been teaching Origami at North Sydney Community Centre since 2017. Sayoko is a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist who focuses on improving peopleu2019s wellbeing by developing creativity and imagination.Sayoko trained at the College of Complementary Medicine in Sydney and is a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapy (IICT). A highly creative person herself, Sayoko feels strongly that some of her creative talent comes from her Japanese cultural background. She was born in Japan and grew up in the countryside of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where she learned traditional Japanese arts such as Origami from her grandmother from a very young age.Sayoko still enjoys practising traditional Japanese art forms as well as many other crafts. She currently teaches Origami in aged care settings, helping seniors maintain motor skills and mental focus, and in art therapy groups, supporting mental health recovery and wellbeing.

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