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Shibori Indigo Dyeing (Workshop)

Course Overview

Learn the wonders of indigo dye in our Shibori and Katazome Workshop!

We will show you how to use the basics of shibori and tie dye to unlock your inner creativity. The focus of this class is learning the techniques to achieve the different styles and effects of this beautiful traditional art form and allowing your inner child to come out. This workshop also includes simple Katazome. Katazome is a centuries-old Japanese resist dyeing technique using resist paste which is applied before dye is applied. The resist paste is either stenciled, painted or etched onto the cloth. Katazome is a fantastic way to add more detailed patterns to your fabric.

Students will receive:
  • Cotton fabric to experiment with. Try all the techniques and ogle over the magic that is created with indigo.
  • A white silk scarf to dye with your favorite pattern.
Materials List
  • Anything you want to dye (the more the merrier!)
  • Comfortable non precious clothes and shoes (A splash of blue should never be sad)
  • A smock or apron (just incase)
  • Plastic bags to take home anything wet.
  • Your imagination!
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Pepa Martin & Karen Davis

About the tutor

Pepa Martin & Karen Davis

Shibori, established in 2005 by Karen Davis and Pepa Martin is a Sydney based dye studio specialising in art based textiles and using fabric manipulation to explore creativity. For over 18 years the pair has hand dyed fabrics for a diverse range of interior designers and several apparel brands, as well as designing many commercial collections of textiles, wallpaper, vinyl and leather with a complimentary collection of soft furnishings and accessories under the Shibori brand.Karen and Pepa have published two books Shibori Recreated, 2011 and Tie Dip Dye, 2014, and regularly teach workshops allowing a new generation of textile lovers to create and explore the magical world of indigo.

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