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You Can Draw Anything

Course Overview

Do you wish you could undertake any drawing without trepidation? Would you like to accurately draw what you see? 

This compact course opens up the secrets and fundamentals of drawing in a way that is accessible and fun. Week by week build on acquired skills to provide an overview of the art of drawing. Insights and guidance are provided to improve your drawing painlessly and ensure that drawing holds no fear. 

Learn how to capture the essence of what you observe and create drawings that are vibrant and convincing! All levels of experience are catered for, especially beginners.

Course content includes: faces, hands and figures; proportions and anatomy, the portrait, perspective and vanishing points; animals, birds and plants; landscape and cityscape; objects and still life; creating volume; shading and texture.

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Students focus on drawing vessels, learning the importance of a preparatory sketch and introduction to perspective, shading, and drawing a dog and still life.

Week 2: Continues with the focus on drawing, as students work on faces, proportions and individual features, figures, proportions, buildings, and animals.

Week 3: Continues with drawing faces, as well as a quarter profile and seated figure, and moves on to an urban street scene in perspective and drawing trees and clothed figures.

Week 4: Concentrate on drawing hands, feet, more faces, and the figure in action and foreshortening.

Term Dates

Term 2 runs from Friday 10 May to Friday 31 May

Term 3 runs from Friday 2 August to Friday 23 August

Term 4 runs from Friday 18 October to Friday 8 November


Students will gain in confidence and core skills in drawing a diverse range of subject matter.

Materials List
  • 2b/3b Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • A4 drawing block or paper sheets

"Enjoyed the class very much. Always something to learn."

"Learned so much Richard. A lot packed into each class."

"Loved this class and Richards teaching style is fun and creative."



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