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French Beginners

Course Overview

This French Beginners Course is designed for practical communication in real-life scenarios.

You will learn essential language skills, including the French alphabet, basic grammar, and conversational phrases. Through role-plays and interactive exercises, master communication tools for filling forms, ordering meals, and navigating the city. By the course's end, you will be able to confidently handle common situations like asking for directions, making reservations, and engaging in small talk. Start your French journey with us today

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Basic greetings (formal/informal); salutations; the difference between “tu” and “vous”; numbers 1-20.

Week 2: “Enchanté” / “Comment allez-vous?”; introduce yourself (“se présenter” / “s’appeler”); interactive game: business cards (“cartes de visite”); pronouns: introduce someone else with” il” and “elle”. 

Week 3: Occupations and nationalities; foreign countries; verb: to be (“être ”); adjectives (masculin-féminin); prepositions. 

Week 4: Filling out forms for visas/travel insurance; making queries and answering in “French”; spelling the French alphabet.

Week 5: Conversations on the plane: calling the flight attendant; small talk with another passenger about family/work/children’s age/where do you live; verb: to have (“avoir”).

Week 6: Talking about travel habits, interests and feelings / likes and dislikes; regular verbs (present tense).

Week 7: Arriving to Paris or other French speaking destination / describe the weather / order a cab / buy public transport tickets; verbs: to do (“faire”) and to take (“prendre”).

Week 8: Hospitality jargon: at the hotel - confirm your booking / check-in / room characteristics; at the restaurant – order a meal; quantities.

Term 2 Dates

Term 2 for French Beginners runs from Monday 6 May to Thursday 27 June (depending on the class you attend).

Materials List
  • For this class, students will work from the french text book “Objectif Express” /A1/A2/ Edition Hachette. The students do not need to purchase this text book (unless they want to) – photocopies for each lesson will be provided.
  • Please bring a pen and paper
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Karima Mezoughem

About the tutor

Karima Mezoughem

Karima is a native French speaker with over 20 years teaching experience with Alliance Française, large corporations such as Thales and L’Oréal, and well know universities such as UNSW and Macquarie Uni. She is an enthusiastic, dedicated teacher who offers a student-centered approach, tailoring her classes to suit individual requirements. Karima has a keen ability to assist students in perfecting their grammar, comprehension, and phrasing of arguments. She has a sound understanding of Francophone literature and culture and particularly values equipping students with the range of registers exhibited in the French language, including “argot” (slang). In her lessons, Karima is especially making use of her extensive skills acquired while providing editing and multi-lingual translating services for theater productions and professional writers. Above all, Karima makes learning French fun! There is a strong focus on conversation, where students are encouraged to participate without worrying about making mistakes; practice makes perfect!


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